THE military, employment and Europe are the main issues for voters, according to United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) prospective parliamentary candidate for Gosport Andrew Rice.

He claims support is growing for the party of the electorate opposes the country becoming part of the "United States of Europe".

However, he went on to say UKIP is no longer a one policy party but has a range of plans and ideas that will benefit the majority of people and businesses in the country.

The 57-year-old scientist and engineer has works for several large firms and run his own business and he says he appreciate the difficulties skilled workers face trying to get back into the job market after being made unemployed.

Mr Rice says he has a passion for "making things work."

The key issues he believes the voters care about are resources for the armed forces, local jobs involving less commuting, less money going to the EU and tighter controls on immigration.

Much his time in Gosport is spent restoring a schooner and visiting the local pubs which he says means he is tune with what the people of the town want.