CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron hit the election trail in Hampshire today.

But the Tory came under fire from students on a visit to the University of Southampton.

While touring the student services building he was tackled by student Chloe Green, who criticised him over his education policies.

The 19-year-old, from Dorset, accused him of doing nothing to help the working class and getting rid of vital funding for poorer students.

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After confronting him as he met other students, she was told by Mr Cameron that, although a Tory administration would keep tuition fees, it would protect bursaries and other efforts to get young people from poorer backgrounds into top universities.

But the English literature student - who said she supported the Liberal Democrats but was not a member of any party and was not certain yet how she would vote - told him bluntly: "I do not believe you."

Ms Green said later: "I went to a comprehensive and I'm working class and I would not be here if the Government did not give me a lot of money - my parents could not afford it."

Asked if she had been convinced by Mr Cameron's answers, she said: "Absolutely not. He just told me Labour were talking rubbish, as he always does."

Then as Mr Cameron arrived for the tour of the sustainable energy department with Southampton Tory candidates Jeremy Moulton and Royston Smith he was heckled by history and politics student Sam Hall, 21.

Mr Hall, from Reading, a Labour supporter, wanted to know why students should have to pay interest on their loans and why the Tories proposed discounts to those who paid back them back more quickly.

He shouted at the Tory leader three times adding: “Dave I thought you were a man of the people.”

Mr Cameron insisted he would get a “straight” answer from the Tories - unlike the other parties - but then ducked into the civil engineering block where he was given a tour by professor of sustainable energy AbuBakr Bahaj.