PREMIER LEAGUE managers have expressed their sympathy for former Saints manager Nigel Adkins, who was sacked this morning.

Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, said: ''It is a crazy world. It is hard to believe. There is no point saying we are surprised. It seems very unfair.'

Adkins lost his job despite the excellent come-from-behind result at Chelsea - a club whose fans are no strangers to managerial turmoil.

Their boss, Rafael Benitez, knows Pochettino well but has sympathy for Adkins.

''I am really surprised because he was doing a great job,'' he said.

''He had some problems at the beginning but after he was doing well. We analysed the game, and they were doing well.

''I'm very surprised. Pochettino has been in Spain for years, and did well at Espanyol. He's a good manager, but I'm disappointed that a manager has lost his job. We'll see how he does.''

Benitez has also warned Pochettino not to expect an easy ride in England.

''It's very difficult at the beginning,'' he added.

''You need to know the structure, the referees, the other managers' tactics, your own players.

''Even when you think you know, you play a game against Stoke and it's totally different.

''In Spain you can be very good at tactics and manage teams your ways. In England you have to adapt. It's a question of time.

''I don't like to see any manager, especially Nigel Adkins who was doing a great job, lose his job but I cannot talk about the decisions of the people in charge there.''