Mauricio Pochettino believes it is important for Katharina Liebherr to attend tomorrow’s game at Sunderland.

The Saints boss wants the owner and new non-executive chairman to be “visible” in the wake of Nicola Cortese’s departure.

Liebherr was at St Mary’s yesterday afternoon, when she met briefly with Pochettino, but the Argentine does not know if she will be at the Stadium of Light tomorrow.

“In the five minutes I spoke with her she did not tell me whether she was coming and she did not tell me whether she was going to speak to the players, so I do not know,” he said.

“My opinion would be to say yes, I think it would be important for her to be visible at the (Sunderland) game, but it is a very personal decision and she is the chairwoman for a reason – she can do as she pleases.”

Yesterday’s meeting was only the second time Pochettino has met with Liebherr, the daughter of Saints’ late owner, Markus.

The previous time was at an end-of-season party following the conclusion of the previous campaign.

While Liebherr has not been involved with a football club before, Pochettino expects she will surround herself with suitable advisors.

“I would imagine that those people have people around them that do know about football – people such as myself,” he said.

Pochettino also spoke of his admiration for the outgoing Cortese.

“I want to show my complete gratitude towards Nicola, he is the person who believed in me and who brought me here to Southampton,” he said. “It’s also my staff and our families that are full of gratitude towards Nicola.

“It is clear Nicola has great charisma, he has great charm.

“He also has a very tough character. He is driven, he is a great negotiator, he is already the full package.”