WESSEX League manager Ken Vaughan admitted he could have no complaints over being hit with a four-match ban and a massive £400 fine by the Hampshire FA.

The county association charged Bournemouth Poppies boss Vaughan with improper conduct following comments made to referee Steve Barclay after Poppies’ 1-0 defeat to Hamworthy in the Wessex League on January 11. Vaughan’s verbal tirade was prompted by his anger over Barclay’s decision not to dismiss Hammers defender Dan Haysom after the Victoria Park manager felt Martin Warren had been denied an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

At his hearing, Vaughan was fined £200 with a further £200 added from an existing suspended penalty for a similar offence. Another suspended fine of £200 was implemented and could be imposed if Vaughan is charged again before 31 May, 2016. He was severely warned as to his future conduct. But having had his knuckles rapped, Vaughan vowed to clean up his act and issued an apology to Mr Barclay over the incident. Asked whether he felt the hefty sanction was fair, Vaughan told the Daily Echo: “100 per cent, and of course, I regret what happened. “I was fuming after the decision, but having said that I have got to learn to keep my mouth shut whether the I think the referee’s call is good, bad or indifferent.

“Part of the reason I lost my cool was because we really should have won.

“What got said was in the heat of the moment but I would not want to offer excuses.

“I let out some inappropriate words and got what I deserved. “It is something I have to address and I have to learn not to show my feelings so much. I cannot fault the FA’s decision.

“I would like to apologise to the match official and the FA for what happened and it is something which will not happen again.”