Matty Tew is not backing away from a massive south coast title fight with Floyd Moore.

The highly anticipated Saints v Pompey lightweight derby bout would be the biggest in the area for many years if and when it actually happens.

But, as is often the way in boxing, it has become mired in politics and red tape and remains on the backburner for now.

An initial date of March 15 was then changed to March 22, but that clashes with the show at the O2 Guildhall Southampton, and so was discarded. No date is currently scheduled in, while talks continue over whether it will be for Moore’s Southern Area title, an English title or just an eliminator.

Social media websites have been buzzing with talk of the fight, and now accusations that one or the other fighter is ducking the contest.

However, Tew’s trainer, Wayne Batten, pictured below, rejects that notion.

He said: “I think it will happen but right now I actually just feel sorry for Matty and Floyd.

“They are two great people, two professional people who are prepared to put their friendship aside for one night because this is business.

“But this is business and as such everything needs to be right for Matty and his manager Steve Woods, and then I will get him ready, and the same for Floyd on his side as well. I think a title deserves to be on the line for a fight such as this, not just an eliminator.

“Floyd is a champion, he has earned that and as far as I’m concerned we are prepared to go down to Portsmouth or Fareham because that is what he deserves for winning the Southern Area title. “I feel that Matty and Floyd have unfairly got caught in the middle of accusations that they don’t want the fight when that is not the case at all. It would be a huge occasion for both of them, they both want it, but boxing can get very messy.

“For any fight to happen there are not only the boxers and trainers people see involved but managers, promoters, venues and all sorts of others who have to all be happy and get agreements in place.

“Our plan is to get Matty a good fight as a headliner on the show at the Guildhall on March 22 and then hopefully the next fight will be against Floyd and it will be one everyone can look forward to.”

Tew is likely to face an international opponent over eight rounds on March 22 on the show which is being put on in conjunction with Wessex Heartbeat.

Also pencilled in for action that day are Joe Pigford, Rich O’Connor, Tommy Watson, Shane Watson, Alex Dilmaghani, Matt Goddard, Wade Armour, Fion O’Meara and Jake Gosling.

Tickets are available from the Guildhall box office on 023 8063 2601 or via their website.