The oldest football club in Hampshire will soon have their story broadcast to around 250 million Turkish people worldwide.

Fordingbridge Turks FC, who play in the Bournemouth Saturday League, date back to 1868 – making them one of the oldest 50 football clubs on the planet.

The ‘Turks’ part of their name was believed to have been added almost a decade later.

The months from July to December 1877 are memorable for extraordinary Turkish bravery during a five month seige of Plevna during the Russian-Turkish War.

The name ‘Turks’ as part of the Fordingbridge club title is said to derive from Turkish courage in battle, as typiced by the heroic resistance against overwhelming odds at Plevna.

As a result, a three-strong documentary crew flew over from Turkey to the edge of the New Forest to spotlight the current Fordingbridge club and learn something of its history.

The programme will be shown on Turkish Public TV (TRT Türk), the only channel that broadcasts in Turkish in lots of countries.

TRT Türk has 30 offices worldwide and nine satellites, broadcasting through cablecast to more than 250 million Turkish people.

Full story in this weekend’s Sports Pink.