THE SYDENHAMS Wessex League are going ahead with an emergency general meeting this evening to vote on whether crisis Salisbury City can make a late entrance into the league.

SWL chairman Ian Hoare confirmed this morning that a meeting had been held between the league and Whites’ legal owner Otail Touzar.

But the only way Salisbury can be accepted into the Wessex ranks is if a majority vote is passed in favour by the clubs at tonight’s EGM at Totton & Eling Sports Club.

Salisbury’s future is still shrouded in controversy with a consortium, led by chief executive officer Paul Smith, trying to wrestle back control from Moroccan businessman Touzar.

SWL secretary John Gorman clarified: “The Football Association consider Otail Touzar to be the owner. Legally, until proven otherwise, that is the case and the consortium hasn’t got any legal status.”

To add to the intrigue, Salisbury City have an HMRC winding-up petition being heard on September 1.

With no one replacing promoted 2013/14 champions Sholing, the Sydenhams Premier Division – which kicked off back on August 1 - is running with 21 clubs this season, meaning there is room for an extra team.

However, there has already been opposition voiced about Salisbury’s possible inclusion with Dave Malone, director of football of title favourites Winchester City, calling for the Whites to face a 15-point deduction if they are voted in.