Locks Heath Swim Squad are celebrating some impressive statistics from the Swim out your Skins Meet at Waterlooville.

The swimmers claimed 103 personal bests from 133 swims with 21 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze medals.

Thomas Larby (12) has not trained properly since November due to injury, but still managed to record personal bests in all seven of his races.

He scooped gold in 50, 100 and 200 breast (also an impressive 9 sec PB), silver in 100IM, and bronze in 200 IM.

Finlay Norris (10) also won three golds - i 50 breast, 100IM and 100 free - and silver in 110 back and 50 fly.

James Hall (14) won silver in the 400 free in a new club record time, while Toby Ellis (9) won three golds - in 50 free, 100 back and 100IM.

Joshua Beaudro recorded PBs in four of his six races, with a gold in his 100 back.

Jan Stoop (14) claimed silver in his 50 free, 50 fly and bronze in his 200 free.

Scott Hutin(12) brought home silver in 200 back and bronze in his 100 fly.

Harrison Kennedy (13) won bronze in the 200 free and gold in the 200 back.

For the girls, Eloise Lamb (9) won gold in 100 free and bronze in 50 back, 100 breast and 100IM.

Elder sister Shannon Lamb (13) claimed gold in 50 back, 200IM and 200 back.

Sisters Layla (9) and Mia Day (12) also did well - Layla won silver in 100 free and Mia gold in 100 fly, 100 breast, silver in 400 free and bronze in 50 fly and 100 free.

Two other sisters - Evelyn (12) and Matilda Hall (11) - also impressed.

Matilda won gold in 200 back, bronze in 100 back and Evelyn silver in her 200 IM, 50 breast and bronze in the 100 back.

Amelia Ayling claimed six medals - gold in 200 IM and silver in 400 free, 50 back, 50 fly, 200 back and 200 free.

May Fletcher secured five medals - gold in 100IM and 100, silver in the 200 back and bronze 50 fly and 100IM.

Grace Goddard won silver in the 50 free and bronze in the 100IM.