Sources close to England batsman Kevin Pietersen insist concerns over a fake Twitter account are not the major issue that needs to be resolved when it comes to deciding his international future.

The former Hampshire star is understood to be "annoyed" by some of the Tweets posted on the KP Genius account, which are meant to be read as though written by Pietersen himself and talk about what a great cricketer he is.

The player said on Monday night that he could not give any assurances that the third Investec Test against South Africa at Lord's next week would not be his last, but the main sticking point remains the level of commitment Pietersen is prepared to give in the future to his adopted country and whether any compromise can be reached.

It is common knowledge that Pietersen wants to play a full season in the Indian Premier League for Delhi Daredevils, which would earn him in excess of £1million.

The terms of his central contract with the England and Wales cricket Board - the current one runs out next month - do not permit that and there has been speculation as to whether Pietersen will sign a new one.

But a source close to the 32-year-old Pietersen said: "If people think Kevin won't sign an England contract because someone has set up a fake Twitter account...Come on, do you really believe that? I don't think so."

The KP Genius account parodies Pietersen, with a typical post from Monday reading: "The World hasn't experienced genius like KP's over the last few days since an apple fell on Isaac Newton's head."

Reports this morning claimed the Tweets could have come from within the England team or backroom staff, but the latest Tweet from KP Genius this morning read: "It doesn't take that woman from "Murder she wrote" to work out that this isn't a team mate of KP. I've been tweeting during Tests!"

No talks are planned with the England hierarchy, with the source adding: "There is no timetable for anything to be honest. There is no air-clearing required.

"There is nothing planned but that can change in five minutes.

"Everyone is trying to make a massive issue out of things, asking 'are there meetings planned here and there?'. There is no timetable for this at all.

"People have their opinions on what they think is right or wrong. That is just the way it is.

"Kevin is preparing for an important Test match. Nothing changes there."

Selectors will meet over the weekend to announce the squad for the third and final Test, which England must win to level the series and avoid losing their world number one Test ranking.

Pietersen has already stepped down from playing one-day cricket for England but that also means he will not be considered for Twenty20 internationals.