Southampton Riverside pool player Martin Smith is celebrating CR Rollason Cup success at the third time of asking.

Smith celebrated 25 years in pool by bagging the individual knockout cup in the Southampton Social Clubs League final against Warren Social Club’s Jack Jewel.

The Riverside player, who also helped his team to a Southampton & District Division 1 runners-up berth, admitted he was relieved that he’d finally won the tournament after he suffered defeat in on three occasions.

“I just had the better luck on the table,” he said about the final.

“Jack Jewel beat himself up a little bit and rather than me going for it I just let him eat himself up.

“Jewel is a very good player and was fantastic in his quarter-final match, he couldn’t miss anything.

“But he missed a couple and it paid off for me in the final and I took advantage.”

Jewel did get the better of Smith in the team league by beating Riverside to the Division 1 title alongside his team-mates – who combined are known as ‘Grandad’s Army’.

It was a matter of two points that meant Warren finished above them.

Smith said: “It’s frustrating. Warren have always had a good team with youngsters like Luke and Jack Jewel and England international Drew Farminer and Ryan Longhurst.”

Kevin Ridout’s side have decided to call it a day after claiming the title, meaning Riverside will have an easier task next season.

But that isn’t the way Smith is looking at it. “It’s a real shame that they’ve dropped out,” he said. “Nobody wants to win knowing that the best players aren’t playing in the league.

“You want a challenge.”

The Riverside team compromises Smith, Richard Staines, Paul Roxborough, Alex Chircop, Peter Munday, Peter Harding, Hazel Upson and Jerry Benham.