The big argument over the last few years has been: should the next manager be English?

The majority opinion of media, supporters and players seems to be yes, definitely.

So the next thing to look at is who have we got at the top level who can handle the job?

If the decision had been made 18 months ago, people like Roy Hodgson would have been top of a lot of people’s lists.

He has managed more abroad than in England and, whilst he did wonders at Fulham, his short period at Liverpool did not work out and at present his West Bromich team are at the wrong end of the league.

When Fulham were flying, his CV looked hugely impressive, including managing at international level with two different countries, Finland and Switzerland, who he surprisingly took to the World Cup finals.

So, on paper, experience-wise he would be out in front.

Remember, there are few English managers in the Premier League anyway.

The other notable one at that time was Sam Allardyce, who is now trying to battle his way back into the Premier League with West Ham.

Right now, Alan Pardew, who was deemed not good enough to handle Southampton, is flying high, with Newcastle pushing for a top-six place in the Premier League, and has quite good club experience.

But we keep having to come back to Harry.

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