Saints midfielder Steven Davis revealed that the players are revelling in new manager Mauricio Pochettino’s style of play – even if it means they have to work exceptionally hard.

Saints constantly harried Manchester City on Saturday, unsettling the Premier League champions with their relentless pressing, as they stormed to a stunning 3-1 victory.

Davis, who had put the hosts into a 2-0 lead, revealed how much the squad have been enjoying Pochettino’s approach.

“Since the new manager’s come in he’s stressed that he wants us to play a high-tempo game and press teams high up the pitch,” said the 28-year-old, who signed in the summer from Rangers.

“We got a lot of joy from that. You see the first goal Punch has nicked it and we went on from there.

“It’s hard work playing like that, but it’s nice to get your rewards from it as well.”

City appeared uncomfortable throughout the entire match, and Davis confirmed that was the impression he had as well.

“I think that was evident throughout the game, they knew they weren’t going to get time on the ball,” he said.

“It’s obviously hard work playing the way the manager wants us to do, but it’s great to get your rewards from it and it shows that we’re moving in the right direction.”