SAINTS are set to land a massive £60m windfall if Mauricio Pochettino completes the job of leading them to safety this season.

With a new TV deal set to kick in for the Premier League next season, and bumper revenues for overseas broadcasting rights also having been agreed, Saints could be on the verge of a bagging a fortune if they retain their top flight status.

In the wake of last weekend’s stunning victory over defending champions Manchester City, that now looks increasingly likely, Even the bottom club in next year’s Premier League is set to earn more than City did for winning the title last season.

That figure is likely to be around the £60m mark.

The League’s success in ensuring a domestic TV deal worth more than £3bn – and huge overseas right sales expected to take the final total well beyond £5bn – means clubs in the top flight will become richer and richer.

Last season City were paid just over £60m for their title winning campaign.

That is made up of shares of Premier League cash and overseas rights split equally between every top flight club and then the largest slice of prize money for winning the division and payments for every game broadcast live.

Thanks to the huge hike in the TV deal, their total for last time out is pretty much the minimum any club in next season’s Premier League can expect to receive.

The figure is put into even sharper context when you consider that bottom club last season, Wolves, netted just over £39m.

Championship clubs trying to earn promotion this season are also factoring in the potential for parachute payments into their figures.

They mean that even a club relegated from the Premier League next season, the first under the new deal, would be guaranteed an income of about £100m over a five year period.

That contrasts hugely with the two parachute payments totalling just £13m that Saints received in the two years after they went down from the Premier in 2005.

Saints’ win over City has boosted confidence even further that the club can avoid relegation this season.

From being five points adrift of safety in early November, and with an inferior goal difference technically making the gap six, they now have a four-point gap over the bottom three.

The financial implications for staying in the division are quite clear, and probably more pressing this season than at any point in the League’s history, such are the rewards on offer next season.

It is estimated that relegation this season would cost a club up to £50m.

Pochettino has been drafted in by executive chairman Nicola Cortese to ensure that fate does not befall Saints and that they remain in the top flight to take full advantage of the riches on offer just around the corner.

With the gap between the Premier League and the rest in danger of widening, it is the perfect time for Saints to be amongst the elite.