There may be a feeling of a score to settle amongst Saints fans ahead of Harry Redknapp’s return to St Mary’s this weekend.

But the result of the game is of much greater importance to the club in general.

Feelings have always run high towards Redknapp on the south coast.

His remarkable jumps from Portsmouth to Southampton and back to Portsmouth are the kind of thing we are never likely to see again.

That he was in charge when Saints were relegated and led Pompey during a very successful spell certainly hasn’t been forgotten, by fans of either side.

Saints fans regularly chant Harry’s name still, but, as he is probably well aware, and certainly will be on Saturday, not in the most complimentary of songs.

It’s easy to get distracted by the ‘Redknapp return’ hype.

In some ways it’s perfectly understandable.

Despite only a comparatively brief tenure in charge of the club, he remains a major figure in its recent history, and a controversial one.

However, Saints fans should not get too pre-occupied with simply barracking Redknapp.

The significance of this game for their side should not be underestimated and, if all goes well, there will be plenty of time for gloating at the final whistle.

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