SAINTS fans are facing their most expensive away trip of the season at Leeds this weekend.

Supporters have complained about “ridiculous” ticket prices for Saturday’s televised Championship match at Elland Road.

Leeds are charging adults £36 for a seat, while the cost for over-60s is £29 and under-16s £25.

Those represent the highest prices for any away match this season for Saints – and are more than some visiting supporters would pay at Premier League giants Arsenal.

Season ticket holder Alex Bourne is taking his nine-year-old son to the game, but has hit out at the cost.

“It is a tired stadium with a midtable team, yet they are charging Premiership prices,” said Mr Bourne, who has also bought two travel tickets at £26 each, meaning a total outlay of more than £100.

“The majority of Championship and League One clubs charge typically between £5 and £10 for a child of nine.

“West Ham shocked us with £19, but Leeds have managed to trump this.

“I am worried that with these ridiculous prices that many Saints fans will decide to stay away and watch on TV, leaving the team without the magnificent support they have received at every away game this season.”

So far this campaign, West Ham, Ipswich and Pompey are the only other clubs to have charged adult Saints fans £30 or more for a ticket.

The Hammers’ £19 for under-16s is tops in that category, with all other clubs pricing tickets at £15 or less for those below the age of 16.

London Saints chairman Mick Strickland spoke to his group’s members about the costs.

He said: “There were no positive comments about the Leeds ticket prices.

“Apart from the ridiculous £36 full ticket, concern was also made at the £25/£29 cost for the under 16s and/or concessions.

“The pricing is in spite of the game being moved for television at a time when many fans cannot get back home.”

Leeds, who have made this weekend’s game a category A match, said the away prices are the same for home fans in the west stand, where the Saints supporters will be sat.

Travelling fans used to be situated in the south stand at Elland Road, but were moved so that Leeds supporters would be sat behind both goals.

Season ticket holder Steve Grant said fans will need to vote with their feet in order to facilitate any change in pricing.“Ultimately clubs will charge what they feel they can get away with charging,” he said.

“Leeds and chairman Ken Bates aren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last.

“While I generally hate the way fans are treated as “customers”, perhaps if that’s the way certain clubs are going to act, the fans should act like genuine “customers” by executing their right of choice and simply refuse to pay the money.

“That’s certainly the choice I’ve made, so I’ll be watching the game from the comfort of my own living room on this occasion.”

Earlier this month, Doncaster chairman John Ryan said he was “sickened” that Leeds had made Rovers’ visit to Elland Road a category A match – meaning they faced the same prices that Saints fans are.

But despite the frustration among some Saints supporters at the cost, Elland Road still looks set for a big crowd on Saturday.

The game will be manager Neil Warnock’s first in charge at home, and the new Leeds boss is calling on fans to show their support.

“I’ll be disappointed if there’s not nearly 30,000 at the game against Southampton on Saturday night,” he said.

“I’m hoping there’ll be a 30,000 crowd and I can’t wait for it. That’s what you’re in football for.”

Glimpse of the future for Saints fans?

SAINTS fans might be getting a glimpse into the future when they buy their tickets for Saturday’s match at Leeds.

Seats at Elland Road are priced higher than for any other away trip the club’s supporters are facing this season. But they might have to get used to similar costs if Saints reach the Premier League.

The price for an adult away ticket at Leeds this weekend is more than Arsenal charge for some visiting fans in the top flight.

Seats at the Emirates can be as low as £35, with over-65s priced at £15 and under-16s at £14.

At Elland Road this Saturday, adult Saints fans are being charged £36, while over-60s must pay £29 and under-16s £25.

Away tickets at high-flying Spurs can also be bought for less than that. Lower tier away tickets at White Hart Lane for adults are £35 for some games. For over-65s it is £20 and for under- 16s it is £18.

And the Leeds prices are only slightly cheaper than some fans visiting Manchester City have been faced with this season. Away prices at the Etihad Stadium can be as low as £38 for an adult ticket, £32 for over-65s and £20 for under-16s. Chelsea are perhaps the most expensive, charging between £47 and £50 for an adult seat at their lowest category league games.

But seniors and juniors at Stamford Bridge pay £23.50. At Manchester United, an away fan from a club like Saints would expect to pay £43 as an adult, £24 as a senior or 16 to 17-year-old and £15 if you were under-16.

For Liverpool, it would be £42 for an adult, £31.50 for over-65s and £15 for under-16s.