Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis: 8 ways to slash your motoring bill

Daily Echo:

1:08pm Friday 24th October 2014

It's enough to make even Clarkson wince. The average yearly 'bill' for motoring is now £4,600 and that doesn't include buying the car in the first place.

Martin Lewis: holiday hangover checklist - how to save money once you're home

Daily Echo:

11:48am Friday 12th September 2014

Don’t forget your holidays. No I’ve not got all romantic with a yearning for sun kissed memories, I’m still on-message about saving money.

Travel by train? 9 ways to save money on your rail tickets

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

2:26pm Thursday 28th August 2014

Train ticket prices are to logic what reindeer are to scrabble. In other words, they’ve nothing in common. If you want to save money on the train, take the logic book and throw it out of the window.

Martin Lewis: have you been unfairly ripped off? the 7 key questions you need answer

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

2:03pm Tuesday 19th August 2014

As Jeremy Paxman knows a good question can be worth a huge amount of money.

Martin Lewis: 7 ways to slash the cost of your overdraft

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

4:38pm Wednesday 6th August 2014

Overdrafts are a debt like any other, if you don’t manage it, it will spiral out of control.

Martin Lewis: Your holiday checklist - how to save serious cash before you travel

Daily Echo:

1:34pm Friday 18th July 2014

Don’t jet off this summer without a little bit of financial factor 50 protection. If you're counting down the days until you go, while sun cream and clothes may top the list, with a little bit of pre-prep action you can save serious cash and prevent problems, leaving more money and time to spend on the enjoyable bits…

Martin Lewis: how to make your money go further overseas

Daily Echo:

5:44pm Friday 4th July 2014

Your money should stretch much further if you're heading beyond our shores this summer. The pound's up 14% on last year at $1.70, a five-year high. It's also at an 18-mth high against the euro, at €1.25 - 10% up on last summer.

Martin Lewis: what you need-to-know about credit scoring

Daily Echo:

5:07pm Friday 20th June 2014

Credit scoring has become a key part of our financial lives. It impacts far more than most people think.

Martin Lewis: 8 things you need to know about the best fee-free bank accounts

Daily Echo: ON THE CARDS: It is now easier to switch bank accounts

12:41pm Thursday 5th June 2014

There's a bank account price war. They're desperate for switchers - paying cashback on bills, 5% savings, or just bunging you cold hard cash. Yet just 2% of people have switched in the last year. Unless you're 100% happy with your bank, check now if you can gain.

Martin Lewis: Six ways to save £100s on your mobile phone bill

Daily Echo:

5:28pm Thursday 22nd May 2014

Can you halve your mobile bill? The flood of new handsets, Samsung's S5 being the latest, makes many think it's all about the tech. It's not.

Hidden holiday tricks: 8 ways to slash the cost of your summer break

Daily Echo: Be prepared for a carefree holiday

4:12pm Thursday 8th May 2014

The UK's improving economy means the pound's on the up, as it's predicted UK interest rates will rise sooner. The pound now buys $1.67, a four-year high, and €1.21, a good bounce up.

Cash ISA need-to-knows: why it's time to sit up and take action

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

3:50pm Friday 25th April 2014

The New Tax Year party hangovers are now long gone (what, you didn’t have one? Shame). It was a great celebration for savers – a new ISA year and the biggest ever.

Martin Lewis: eight ways to rev up your motoring savings

Daily Echo:

2:04pm Thursday 10th April 2014

It’s not yet time to hoot the horn in celebration, but things are looking a tad better for drivers.

Martin Lewis: Over 50? get clued-up on the financial changes that affect you

Daily Echo:

3:08pm Thursday 27th March 2014

It’s said that like wine and cheese, some things get better with age. I’m never sure whether MoneySaving skills fit that or they’re a bit more like raw meat.

Have existing debts? with a little action you could save £100s or even £1,000s

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

5:10pm Friday 28th February 2014

This is a golden time for those in debt. While that may seem a strange thing to say, the best EVER deals for cutting loan, store or credit card costs are now on the market.

Ten things you need to know to avoid bad debt

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

3:41pm Monday 17th February 2014

Debt is like fire - used well, it's a fantastic tool, used badly, it burns. That’s why of all elements of finance, it’s the one that needs the most careful handling. Yet for those in the know, it's possible to borrow without any cost whatsoever.

A savings account masterclass: how to get the most from your money

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis campaigns to make us all money gurus

2:40pm Thursday 30th January 2014

Far too many people think "savings rates are so low, why bother doing anything?” Yet, while rates are indeed spitworthily low, don’t be complacent. Active, on-the-ball savers can grab up to 6% interest. So I want to give you a rate-boosting masterclass.

Martin Lewis: reclaiming - could you be owed £1,000s?

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

11:45am Monday 20th January 2014

Are you owed £10,000s? It sounds a ludicrous lottery-esque question. Yet, sadly, in recent years our country's been so rife with mis-selling, poor service and performance that many are able to reclaim big money. Crucially, you don’t need to pay anyone.

10 New Year's money resolutions to make in 2014

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis campaigns to make us all money gurus

12:17pm Tuesday 7th January 2014

Whether you’re lusting after a more shapely bottom, want to learn the ukulele or just vowing to get to bed earlier, with New Year resolution fervour hitting, I’ve a few more to add to your list.

Planning a holiday abroad in 2014? here's how to give yourself perfect exchange rates

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

3:36pm Thursday 19th December 2013

A simple New Year’s resolution for you. If you plan to go abroad next year, don’t pay more to pay. Far too many people hike their own costs by spending the wrong way when their feet land on sun-drenched foreign shores.

Insurance: what's necessary and how to cut the cost

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

2:47pm Thursday 5th December 2013

Are you walking out in the world naked? Insurers try to scare you into thinking you are if you don’t buy their cover. The right policy is a suit of armour protecting you from the world's randomness – but what's necessary, what's nonsense, and how do you cut the cost?

Tackle your heating bills now and take the bite out of the winter chill

Daily Echo: Don’t suffer in the cold, and take advantage of what you are entitled to

12:08pm Thursday 21st November 2013

Winter is coming. Don’t wait until you’re knee-deep in the white stuff to sort your bills. Here, prevention truly beats cure – tackling your bills now means you can take the financial bite out of winter chills…

Get in the Thriftsmas spirit: plan NOW and you can have a better (and cheaper) Christmas

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

11:26am Thursday 7th November 2013

Christmas is coming. Stop, wait! I dislike Jingle Bells blasting out of shop speakers in early November as much as the next man. Yet this isn’t about celebrating early, it's about pre-planning to slash festive costs, so you have a better Christmas at a lower price.

Want to spend and earn money? Take a look at the best cashback credit cards

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis campaigns to make us all money gurus

2:33pm Thursday 24th October 2013

If I told you I could give you £100s a year with no debt and very little hassle – and all you need to do is change your plastic – would you? If the answer’s yes, read on, as now is the perfect time to grab a cashback credit card. For many, it’s an easy and lucrative way to boost your income.

Act now to beat the energy price hikes

Daily Echo: The Argus could pay your gas bill for a year

1:32pm Tuesday 15th October 2013

This is an urgent warning for anyone who pays an energy bill. Energy price hikes have started but there’s a window of opportunity for you to beat them and prevent any impact on your bills. Yet the clock is ticking.

Want to switch your bank account? it's easier than you think...

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

9:16am Friday 27th September 2013

Don’t whinge about your bank. It’s not productive. Instead, ditch it and switch. Sadly, millions of people are with their bank account because they got free piggybanks aged eight, and even if service has been dire, decades later they’ve never moved.

Have children? ease the burden on your wallet with these money-saving tips...

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

1:55pm Thursday 12th September 2013

If you’ve a family, your purse or wallet is probably crying. Having children is a terrible investment. You fork out an estimated £200,000 per child by the time they reach age 21.

Make the most of your new credit card: obey the balance transfer golden rules

Daily Echo: Police issue bank card fraud scam warning

3:32pm Thursday 29th August 2013

The credit crunch is finally losing its bite. A price war has sparked a host of new credit card offers far in excess of anything pre-recession.

Be eBay clever with Martin Lewis' top buyers' tricks

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

3:49pm Thursday 29th August 2013

The ubiquitous giant online auction site eBay may seem a relatively simple beast. Yet beneath the shiny shop front there are a host of hidden secrets enabling you to pay less.

There's over £40m down the back of the sofa - it's time to reclaim lost cash...

Daily Echo: Tax frozen

1:33pm Wednesday 7th August 2013

Are you sitting on hidden treasure worth £10,000s? This isn’t about a forgotten lottery ticket stuck to your fridge or a sepia map in the attic to Long John Silver’s hoard. It’s a more mundane, but far larger – there's £15 billion sitting in lost bank accounts, savings, pensions and investments.

Calling all renters: how to slash your bills around the house

Daily Echo: Coun Squires is keen to see a register of rented accommodation

1:57pm Thursday 18th July 2013

If you live in rented accommodation, you don’t need your landlord’s permission to save money.

Make your holiday money go further

Daily Echo: Passenger figures have dropped to a 35-year-low and now number less than 200,000 annually

2:03pm Thursday 4th July 2013

Far too many people pay too much just to pay when abroad. So if you’re planning a trip away this summer, now’s the time to ensure you get more bang for your bucks, euros or dong (the Vietnamese currency, of course).

Sort your finances now for later life

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

4:21pm Thursday 20th June 2013

Whether you’re nearing the big 5-0 or you’re long past it, you’ll be facing a raft of key financial decisions. So sort your finances now – after all, the older you get, the more your cash needs to look after you. Here are my key points to help.

Holiday MoneySaving need to knows: have more cash to splash on your summer break


4:04pm Thursday 6th June 2013

Fantasising about white sands, tropical palm trees, warm crystal waters ...? Well, WAKE UP! Even if you've already booked an overseas holiday this summer, there’s work to be done to protect your pocket, so you’ve more cash to spend on enjoying yourself (or to make it easier to stick within your budget).

Get the right credit card the right way

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

11:46am Wednesday 29th May 2013

They’re the Marmite of finance. Credit cards are both the best and worst way to borrow. Do it right and it’s a way to get a loan at no cost at all, get it wrong and it can put you in debt hell.

Take the money test and you could save £100s or even £1000s

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

4:12pm Thursday 9th May 2013

Your starter for 10. Would you like to save some money? Sometimes cutting your bills isn’t about knowing the right answers, it's about asking the right questions. So let me run you through my money test. Answer each of the following questions – it could add £100s or £1000s to your pocket.

Sort your energy bills and save £100s

Daily Echo: Money-saving expert Martin Lewis

1:21pm Thursday 25th April 2013

This year’s over-extended winter couldn’t have come at a worse time. The increased demand for fuel has pumped up wholesale gas and electricity prices. Some pundits predict another energy price hike round towards the end of the year, hoicking prices by 10%.

How to have a happy new tax year

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis campaigns to make us all money gurus

12:34pm Thursday 11th April 2013

Happy New Year! Well, new tax year that is (party poppers at my house). That means you now have a brand new tax-free savings ISA allowance. Now, you may be thinking “Hold up, didn’t you write about best ISAs last time?”

Cash ISA need-to-knows

Daily Echo: New tax year: top cash ISA tips

12:04pm Thursday 28th March 2013

This is an urgent warning. The cash ISA year ends on April 5 and if you don’t use it, you lose it. Yet if you've any savings, your cash is still better in an ISA. As it can take time to open one, you need to act NOW.

Ten ways drivers can save big bucks...

Daily Echo: In the driving seat

1:53pm Thursday 14th March 2013

The cost of running a new car, not counting the purchase price, is nearly £4,000 a year – and older cars aren’t too far behind. Imagine if that came as an annual bill. You’d jump out of the driving seat and immediately try to slash the price.

Don't fall into the hidden bill trap...

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis campaigns to make us all money gurus

3:53pm Thursday 28th February 2013

It's the financial nightmares you never thought would happen that really hurt. So here’s how to fight back against the top 10 hidden bill perils.

Make your savings work for you

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis

1:39pm Thursday 14th February 2013

Imagine a limbo dancer who’s been lowered down a mineshaft. Saving rates are currently even lower than that. In November last year I noted they were at their lowest levels for 300 years – and they’ve plummeted since.

Don't complain about your bank, make the right move and you could gain £100s!

Daily Echo: webpix money finance benefits pensions

5:00pm Thursday 31st January 2013

Does your bank make you growl? Don’t get mad, get minted! It’s a great British whinge to complain about our banks – and with good cause.

Don't wait to deal with debt: follow these ten credit card debt-busting tips...

Daily Echo: Police issue bank card fraud scam warning

12:43pm Thursday 17th January 2013

Debt is a bit like fire. It can be a useful tool, but handle it badly and you’ll get burnt. Sadly, in January, many people’s fingers are tingling under the flame.

Planning a holiday? keep the costs down with these ten tips...

Daily Echo: Beach holiday

11:38am Friday 4th January 2013

Sun, sea, sand, ski. I’ve no idea why all the best holiday words begin with an S, but that includes saving.

Save £100s with the winter checklist

Daily Echo: A radiator. Heating bills are set to rise for Southampton City Council tenants

12:32pm Monday 24th December 2012

Winter isn’t good for your wallet. Whether it’s a crisp sunny day, or you’re knee deep in snow, the added chills mean bigger bills.

Don't sort your debts out next year... do it NOW

Daily Echo: Credit cards

11:42am Thursday 6th December 2012

The best time to put the brakes on is before you crash into a brick wall. Sadly, when it comes to debt, many people leave it until after.

Martin Lewis: My top ten Christmas shopping tips

Daily Echo: Martin Lewis: My top ten Christmas shopping tips

3:50pm Friday 23rd November 2012

It's that dreaded time of year again, when many feel the need to trudge around the shops in the freezing cold, with heavy bags pulling shoulders out of their sockets.

Children's accounts: help your child to be a savvy saver

Daily Echo: Children's accounts: help your child to be a savvy saver

5:02pm Thursday 8th November 2012

It’s the gift that keeps on giving (and a cracking BOGOF to boot). Why not give your children money for a savings account to start a nest egg this Christmas? Then an even better present is to teach them how to ensure it’s at the best rate to encourage them on the path to being money-savvy.

Credit cards: switch to plastic and get big cashback

Daily Echo: Police issue bank card fraud scam warning

11:49am Friday 26th October 2012

Let me say it loud and proud – hoorah for credit cards! I can almost hear readers' collective gasps at that. “Eh? Aren’t you the Money Saving Expert? Surely credit cards are bad – boo hiss!”

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