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Moving on to pastures new

Daily Echo: Rise in complaints against Hampshire Police

12:32pm Tuesday 5th April 2011

This week I start a new job at Police Headquarters in Winchester.

Saying goodbye

Daily Echo: PC Sarah O’Connor

4:06pm Monday 21st March 2011

The funeral for our colleague Sarah O'Connor last Thursday was an extraordinary event.

Police pay and conditions

Daily Echo: Bid to fill £20m hole in police budget

A double hit this week with reports on police pay and conditions and public sector pensions.

Pride in our new police station

Daily Echo: The new Hampshire Police headquarters in West Quay Road, Southampton.

10:25am Wednesday 2nd March 2011

All the talk is over, all the hard work to plan and build it is done and we are moving in and opening to the public on 7th March.

Prevention of burglary is priority

Daily Echo: Police warning after elderly Wirral woman is victim of distraction burglary

11:12am Thursday 27th January 2011

Normally if I drop something potentially contentious into these posts then the Echo pick up on it to see if there's a story.

Tell us how to tell you more and how to do it better

Daily Echo: Southampton's police headquarters at night

5:04pm Thursday 20th January 2011

I've mentioned the new police station several times and now at last we have taken it over from the developers so it's ours.

To know or not to know, which is better?

Daily Echo: Jo Yeates

12:53pm Friday 7th January 2011

There's been a huge amount of coverage in the press of the terrible murder of Jo Yeates in Bristol.

Policing amid cuts and the cold

Daily Echo: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3146317

4:44pm Monday 20th December 2010

This cold weather brings the greatest range of experiences for people from the sheer joy of kids out sledging to the absolute misery for those unable to keep warm and safe (such as the homeless) or people genuinely harassed by the few irresponsible snow ballers.

Watching out for crime

Daily Echo: MINDLESS: Windows are smashed as the peaceful protest turned to violence at the Tory party headquarters.

10:19am Friday 12th November 2010

One evening this week I was at the Southampton Neighbourhood Watch annual meeting.

Police face the challenge of spending cuts

Daily Echo: Cause for complaint against the police

2:01pm Friday 22nd October 2010

Wednesday's big announcement about public spending cuts in the end had been so well trailed that there were few suprises.

Drunken mistakes understood but not excused

Daily Echo: The young man urinating against the Cenotaph in Southampton

9:02am Thursday 7th October 2010

It's a good thing those people whose names appear on the cenotaph memorial couldn't see how at least one person abused that site recently by using it as an impromptu toilet.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour seriously

Daily Echo: Chief inspector of constabulary Denis O'Connor said tackling anti-social behaviour was often not seen as 'real police work'

3:42pm Thursday 23rd September 2010

Not a week goes by without some police related headline story in the press.

Facing up to difficult times

Daily Echo: Chief Constable Alex Marshall

1:08pm Wednesday 15th September 2010

Last week, a statement from our Chief Constable spoke about the cuts we may have to make to meet expected budget reductions.

Asking us the questions

Daily Echo: Cause for complaint against the police

3:22pm Saturday 4th September 2010

This week we received the report of a recent inspection done at Bitterne police station.

Spanish lessons for the police

Daily Echo: Two British toddlers have been found dead in Spain

11:16am Wednesday 25th August 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S top cop, Matthew Greening, reflects on his holiday in Spain - and how the key to good policing is the same everywhere.

Change nationally and locally

Daily Echo: Police are searching a lake for the body of a best man who left wedding guests to go for swim

9:29am Monday 26th July 2010

This week we have the next announcement about potential policing changes in the consultation paper on police reform.

Moving tribute to firefighters

Daily Echo: firememorial005A.jpg

11:52am Thursday 15th July 2010

SOUTHAMPTON's top cop Matthew Greening discusses tributes to brave firefighters and the future of the city.

Tragedy in our midst

Daily Echo: Forensic officers at the scene of a fatal stabbing in Harcourt Road, Bitterne Park.

10:03am Friday 9th July 2010

This week in the news you will have seen or read about an incident where a family mourn the loss of a loved one and a community comes to terms with a tragedy in it's midst.

Coalition plans - more than just cuts

Daily Echo: The Home Secretary, Teresa May, has announced the £5 billion national identity card scheme will be scrapped within 100 days.

5:57pm Friday 2nd July 2010

The Home Secretary's speech to senior police officers this week set out some clear messages for the service and the cuts we have to face.

A week of contrasts

Daily Echo: Armed police at the scene in Southampton

10:42am Saturday 26th June 2010

IT HAS BEEN quite a week with some great contrasts.

Dealing with booze, Big Brother and the World Cup

Daily Echo: Ex-Big Brother contestants are set to appear in a surprise finale

2:17pm Thursday 10th June 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S top cop, Matthew Greening talks about the impact of Big Brother, alcohol and the World Cup.

Cheap drink and hot sun

Daily Echo: Britain is set to bask in warm sunshine this weekend

11:18am Friday 21st May 2010

IT IS never a good combination and if the forecasters are right then we'll have a lot of thirsty people this summer.

Public spending cuts. Does that mean policing cuts?

Daily Echo: Any referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty would be a headache for David Cameron

4:21pm Thursday 13th May 2010

With a new government and an apparent joint commitment from the Prime Minister and Deputy to early spending cuts I wonder what this means for policing?

Firefighter funeral a time for sadness and pride

Daily Echo: FUNERAL Firefighter 141241.JPG

3:53pm Tuesday 27th April 2010

Today I attended the funeral of fire-fighter Alan Bannon at St Mary's Church.

Recognising success in fighting crime

Daily Echo: £20k drug raid in city

2:12pm Thursday 22nd April 2010

This week was another of great variety and includes several successes.

Returning to normality and the future of policing

Daily Echo: The scene at Shirley Towers in Southampton

9:58am Friday 16th April 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S top police officer Matthew Greening discusses the Shirley Tower tragedy and the potential impact of the general election on policing

The death of two brave men

Daily Echo: Shirley Towers today, following last night's blaze

8:59am Thursday 8th April 2010

This is one of those weeks when commenting on routine work in the City can seem almost irrelevant in the face of tragic events such as those at Shirley Towers.

Tackling illegal drug use in the city

Daily Echo: The controversy over mephedrone sparked debate over drug classification

2:09pm Tuesday 30th March 2010

So mephedrone is to be classified as a class B controlled drug.

Individuals who make a difference

Daily Echo: Police services face cuts in cash crisis

3:15pm Thursday 18th March 2010

This week I had two chances to recognise examples of how individuals contribute to making the City safer.

Taking anti-social behaviour seriously?

Daily Echo: Police hold back Pompey fans after the match

10:34am Thursday 11th March 2010

There has been lots of press coverage today about the inspection reports on the police service across the country.

Dealing with the aftermath

Daily Echo: Rise in complaints against Hampshire Police

4:40pm Wednesday 3rd March 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S top cop, Matthew Greening, updates readers with the latest news from the city's police.

Police ran a good operation for derby

Daily Echo: webpompey .jpg

11:16am Monday 15th February 2010

So it's over. After all the hype and anticipation the match is done and I think we ran a good operation.

Making sure fans go home safe

Daily Echo: Making sure fans go home safe

9:00am Saturday 13th February 2010

So Saturday dawns and like police football commanders all over the country I get ready for today's match.

Police put final touches to derby plans

Daily Echo: RACE IS ON: James Beattie sprints past Arjan De Zeeuw

1:17pm Saturday 6th February 2010

I said I would report back on the work we are doing for the Portsmouth game. Here's a list of just a few of the things we've been up to.

On the beat on match day

Daily Echo: On the beat on match day

12:18pm Tuesday 2nd February 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S Top Cop, Matthew Greening explains how he'll be on the front line on derby day when Saints take on Pompey.

Policing the South Coast derby

Daily Echo: Marian Pahars scores against Pompey as Saints get into a Champions' League spot

1:25pm Monday 25th January 2010

So Saints and Pompey get to meet in the next round of the FA Cup.

Booze misuse takes its toll on Southampton

Daily Echo: 24-hour licences: Some feared echoes of Hogarth's Gin Lane

10:27am Tuesday 19th January 2010

SOUTHAMPTON'S top cop Matthew Greening talks about the problems the city faces from alcohol abuse.

Beauty spot marred by a heinous crime

Daily Echo: Georgina Edmonds

1:01pm Thursday 14th January 2010

Driving into Southampton yesterday morning, The Avenue with all the trees covered in fresh snow, looked as beautiful as I have ever seen it in winter.

Policing the big freeze

Daily Echo: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3131375

2:20pm Thursday 7th January 2010

Seems to me we have been lucky in Southampton and escaped the worst of the weather this time.

Teenager robbed as passers-by ignore plea for help

Daily Echo: Chief Supt Matthew Greening

4:40pm Tuesday 5th January 2010

Southampton's Chief Superintendent Matthew Greening blogs about the importance of standing up to criminals.

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