Normally if I drop something potentially contentious into these posts then the Echo pick up on it to see if there's a story.

It took a few times though before they got on to the issue about the rise in burglaries we are suffering across the City which I have mentioned here before.

The story this week in the Echo about the increase in dwelling burglaries does mention our response and it's pleasing to be able to say that we are having some success and we have arrested 36 suspected burglars just since the 1st of January. Some of the comments on the story talk about the rise being caused by the economic downturn.

Others don’t agree. I am sure it's a significant factor, but not the only one.

Whatever the cause we will go on catching burglars but prevention is even better so I appeal to people to do what they can to make their property safer.

We have too many cases where houses, doors and windows are left unlocked or open. Please also tell us straight away if you see anything suspicious and don't buy someone else's misery.

The laptops, cameras and phones being stolen are being sold on to people who must suspect their origin.

Buying can be 'Handling' and that’s a serious crime in it's own right. On a happier note in December all recorded crime in Southampton was the lowest in one month that it has been since 2003.

I know the cynical will say that was because of the weather and it may have played a part but let's not deny that a reduction in overall reported crime has been sustained consistently for the last few years. 14% down in Southampton last year and down another 6% since April 2010.

Some readers will already be 'turning off' and moaning at my quoting crime data so that’s enough for now.

This weekend we have another high-octane football match at St Mary's. I was at the last round (as a punter) and enjoyed seeing what I thought was a great bunch of away fans (and of course the great result).

Let's hope on Saturday the away crowd is as good humoured and that no Saints fans let down the club or the City. Is it madness to hope for a similar result………………?

Probably but optimism is generally the best approach in work and play so I will hope for a win and, with public help, for us to stem the flow of burglaries very soon.