WHAT challenges are left for Churchills?

Perhaps they’d like to have a crack at solving the Euro crisis or the Syria conflict or are they simply seeking world domination?

The Eastleigh club added to their impressive trophy cabinet at the Winchester City & District Snooker League’s 41st annual presentation evening, featured in The Pink this weekend.

In the Southampton & District Social Clubs League, Churchills had already claimed the Super League title. Mike Finn was crowned Town Champion for the third time in four years, beating teammate Billy Castle in the final. And Finn collected his third straight pairs title with Drew Farminer, from Romsey Comrades.

Remarkably, all ten centuries in league and cup matches were scored by Churchills players.

And the run continued in the Winchester league.

Churchills posted all six tons, romped to their fourth successive Premier Division title, undefeated in 18 matches, and won the knockout cup.

Nick Jennings fired in the most 30+ breaks, 29 in total, and he was undefeated in 26 frames and he recorded the highest knockout break of 130.

Billy Castle took the league high-break prize for a 129, beat Finn in the scratch singles final and defeated Mitch Wade for the handicapped singles trophy.

Finn and skipper Mark McLean retained their pairs title.

Did I mention that the billiards team won their league?

It appears the only competition Churchills failed to stamp their authority on was the Triton Trophy for under-18s. No youth policy, Churchills? But that’s another story.

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