Blue Apple Theatre, the charity I have the honour of chairing, has just been awarded £293,000 over five years by the Big Lottery to consolidate and build on its work with adults with learning disabilities.

If you want to understand why the Lottery thinks our work is important and what people with learning disabilities are capable of given the opportunity, come and see Blue Apple in action at the Theatre Royal Winchester this week. The full theatre company of 35 are re-telling Tales From The Arabian a Nights, stories like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and The Voyages of Sinbad The Sailor.

These tales from 1001 Nights have been repeated for centuries but I guarantee the Blue Apple actors will make you see them with fresh eyes, as well as move you to tears and laughter with their performance skills.

People with learning disabilities are often marginalised by society. Yet they have a contribution to make that can change other people's view of them and of the world we share. Blue Apple gives them the skills and confidence to take their proper place as active members of society.

Tales From The Arabian Nights is at the Theatre Royal Winchester from 26 to 28 July

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