COUNCILLOR David Harrison’s letter (January 7) typifies the incompetence, hypocrisy and Nimbyism that has bedevilled local politics around south Hampshire.

Political ineptitude and lack of vision has seen investment chased away by the kind of visionless ignorance and Luddism exemplified in his letter.

With wonderful irony and hubris he writes to the Echo to boast of how he won’t rest until more real job creation and investment opportunity is chased away to East Anglia to make way for another grazing patch for Canada geese and Hythe Marina dog walkers (both of which manage pretty well already).

As Waterside employers such as Polimeri, Hythe Naval Base, Husbands and now Marchwood Military Port are either closed or closing, Cllr Harrison writes to remind school leavers and the Waterside jobseekers that his contribution to their plight has been something less than zero. He is, by contrast, only too keen to offer as an alternative the heady prospect of ‘careers’ÿ driving an ice-cream van, or perhaps a summer car park attendant job, or maybe a spot of table waiting or bar work for the lucky few.

Any parent on Waterside today should ask themselves whether they share Cllr Harrison’s vision for their children’s future, or whether their children deserve to have a range of secure technology and industrial career opportunities in their own district.

I cannot think of a more pointless use of Dibden Bay than to do nothing at all with it.

The reality is that the New Forest brings in tourists, but Dibden Bay as grassy wilderness will not bring in one single extra visitor.

Conversely, did Fawley Refinery actually scare any visitors away? It did not – I have never in my life heard anyone say in any context that they would have come to the New Forest had it not been for industrial development on the Waterside.ÿ It is ironic that he even mentions the Waterside rail link, when his own political opposition to Dibden Bay port may actually lead to its total closure.

Still, perhaps ‘tourists’ÿ will come to walk along the old track bed, eh, councillor?

Andrew Kind, Locks Heath