The Echo’s coverage of the roadwork fiasco in Saturday’s paper was quite interesting.

Clearly there were problems encountered by many visitors to the city on that day, with the main target for blame being Southampton City Council.

In the article it mentions both cruise and taxi firms feeling aggrieved at the problems caused, yet how they helped, or could have helped to ease the burden on the roads is not even hinted at.

Let’s look at the cruise firms. Many people employed by the cruise firms have to travel by road to work each day and unless the road works appeared as if by magic overnight, surely the staff, managers and directors would have noticed the problems with congestion.

Did no one at the terminal think, ‘Wow! This could cause a problem for our clients. Let’s send them all an email or letter letting them know so they can plan ahead. This could also show us to be a considerate and competent operation!’?

In regards to the taxi firms; did they use their army of drivers to report traffic problems and made sure that all their booking operators were in a position to advise their clients about the traffic problems and to leave plenty of time?

If none of these firms acted then why are they crying? It’s easy to just bash the council, whichever party, but let’s remember that we all have a responsibility to use our brains and work together.

WILL ROSIE, Shirley Warren.