SURELY I am not alone in my outrage at the insensitivity of the national media’s obsessive attempts to vilify British youngsters, with the seemingly unending stream of stories of employers advertising a vacancy, getting little response from the “workshy” British youth but a long queue of eastern Europeans.

Would not such a comment be condemned as racistÿ if it were the other way around?

Furthermore, are the authors of such articles deliberately kicking our children and grandchildren when they are down, or do they not realise that £6.35 per hour is worth precisely that to an indigenous youth, whereas to a migrant worker the same sum has a purchasing power of £40 at least when spent in their home country.

Add to that a couple of kids on child benefit, multiply that payment by seven and a migrant labourer has a disposable income in his home country that would be the envy of a British teacher or solicitor.

Well there we have it, the European dream of “freedom of movement”ÿ as supported by, amongst others, the Liberal Democrats.

With about a million British youngsters out of work, and a survey by The Prince’s Trust revealing that three quarters of a million of them “have nothing to live for” and that one third “have contemplated suicide”, the future looks bright! Thankfully us parents and grandparents will have a chance to vote on the “European dream”ÿ at the forthcoming European elections in May.

I think you know what you have to do. There is one party which has refused to take payments levied on you by the EU. That party is UKIP!

W. BARKER, Netley Abbey.