REGARDING the subject of fluoride again - we now know that a lot of councils do not want this substance added to our water supply.

We also know that a majority of the public do not want it.

So instead of wasting public money on court cases and possibly a referendum, why don’t the Public Health England (PHE) just admit defeat and leave us alone.

They have no business messing with our lifeline anyway. The PHE keep on about children’s teeth, which we all know is an excuse to get this toxic waste fluoride into our water supply.

If the PHE are so concerned about children’s teeth (which they are not) why don’t they get to the suppliers who add too much sugar to our food and drinks?

But they don’t want to do that, they want us to believe that fluoride will help our children’s teeth.

If I went to the doctors or dentist I would get a personal prescription for my needs, not everyone.

The PHE say it is safe, but there is evidence to say it’s not. The PHE will not be drinking it to find out, but it is OK for the public to be guinea pigs.

This scheme is complete madness and the sooner they understand the word 'no' the better.

MRS K KINCHINGTON, address supplied.