I’M very amused at the recent letter/flyer from the Labour candidate for Swaythling.

It states ‘On Your Side In Tough Times’.

Is this the same council group, who has added all the tax increases by 2.5 per cent, parking charges, green waste charges, removed the ten per cent pensioner discount or has another one emerged without our knowledge, who only knows how to mess up the road system and don’t know when three ships are going to be in together?

They have also stated they intend to FREEZE utility bills until 2017.

That’s great after the utility companies put them up and promised not to do so again by the same date.

They also say they are building hundreds of new homes. Where?

Here, in Swaythling? I think not.

The airport has been here since 1909 in case you didn’t know. I have lived right under the flight path for 36 years and it’s never bothered me so who’s reignited this old apple?

The flight paths don’t even go over Swaything if you looked up. Try and do something for the good folk of Swaythling and Mansbridge but don’t pinch what I have achieved.

ROBERT PAINTON, Mansbridge, Southampton, Consevative Candidate for Swaythling Ward.