WITH reference to your report concerning the “unwanted” cleaning charge (Daily Echo, February 6), I am a tenant in a four-storey block of seven flats in Southampton city centre and also received a letter from the council concerning the 91 pence a week cleaning charge.

This came as quite a surprise in that a few days previously I received a leaflet to the effect that the council was proposing rent increases of 6.96 per cent this year.

I always assumed that the rent covered the cleaning of the staircase, which is usually swept every two weeks (and washed at the same time if considered necessary by the cleaners).

Although the letter indicated that after speaking to the residents (though nobody seems to know which residents) their top priority was the cleanliness of the blocks, it would appear from a conversation with one of the estate wardens that cleaning will only now be once a month, although a weekly charge of 91p is to be made.

If cleanliness is the top priority surely the blocks should be cleaned more often than just once a month?

Obviously if the charge is implemented I will cease to carry out the cleaning works which I now do for my own satisfaction, ie sweeping of my section of the stairs, tidying of the dustbin and recycling areas, wiping down walls, etc.