THE Daily Echo has published articles referring to estate agent boards.

I started my career within estate agency in 1969. In the New Forest and Bournemouth areas it was then accepted that one main “for sale”

sign would be allowed and up to two more “and” slips, which were other instructed firms.

That worked well for the vendor, and then any potential buyer could choose who they would rather approach.

Then a Conservative government put a stop to that, and the new ruling was for one only main board. Those must be removed within two weeks after any sale has completed.

Therefore the problem is when another firm decides to put up their own when one is already on display. The exception being if joint agency is given.

Boards at the end of a road are not allowed, or on council highway verges. The signs must be within the boundary of the property for sale or to be let.

My personal opinion is that if you did do away with the signs then properties will take longer to sell. Double sided boards should count as being two signs.

RICHARD F GRANT, now retired estate agent, Burley.