WITH regards to J Palmer’s letter on the postal system (Letters, May 1), we have had nothing but trouble with our post for the last few years.

Two years ago apparently we had a wedding invitation sent to us, which we didn’t receive. This caused some friction in the family as we never replied to it.

The same year I sent a card and photograph to London which never arrived. Then I sent £10 in a Christmas card which didn’t arrive.

My daughter’s friend sent £20 in a card for her son which didn’t arrive.

I know you shouldn’t send money through the post, but cheques are not always readily available – we never have them sent to us from the bank any more.

This year my husband was waiting for an insurance certificate which should have arrived on the Monday. By Friday he rang the company, who promised to send another one for the following Monday. When this didn’t arrive he went to the sorting office and there waiting was a pile of letters plus his two certificates.

The same week a neighbour enquired if we’d received post. He also went to the sorting office and was given a pile of his mail. They explained that they were short-staffed and didn’t bother delivering to certain roads if there wasn’t much mail.

When we contacted head office we were told that there is never any guarantee that mail would be delivered because they deal with so much. Yet they still keep increasing postage prices.

Last Christmas I refused to spend £35 on postage for cards – with no guarantee of arrival. We donate money to a local dog charity.