I READ with interest Mrs J M Palmer’s letter (May 1) regarding her Royal Mail woes.

I too have just this week had cause to roll my eyes at the postal service. I live in a shared house (number 31, take note of that), and a friend of mine has recently moved, leaving a forward mailing address in Leighton Buzzard.

The door number there is 33. I forwarded some mail for him, taking care to obscure the address and franking area with white labels, and after writing his new address and affixing postage stamps, I sent the letters on their way.

Imagine my surprise when (three weeks later I might add) they turned up on my doormat with writing on each of them stating “not number 33”. Yes, you’re right Mr Postman, I don’t live at number 33. But these letters do.

And when you get that right, we can work on getting the correct city.

STUART HAYES, Bitterne Park, Southampton.