I HAVE always been an enthusiastic railway user but luckily not a commuter.

The latest rail increase is anti passenger and anti green, which surely shows that the Government and just not just the latest Government have no intentions of ever making the railways an alternative to using road transport.

One bright spark MP said this rise was to deter non-essential rail travel as the system is over-used.

This was the term they used during the world wars when they needed the railways for transporting military equipment and troops but we are supposedly at peace with most countries. Well this policy certainly has worked with me.

When I tried to book the train for two adults and two children to Blackpool, the cost to drive was far less and that is how we went. They certainly have deterred me from using the train.

Once again I try to understand politics but my mind will not corkscrew enough for me to get the slightest grasp of the decisions they make.

PADDY MAXWELL, Southampton.