ON THURSDAY, April 11 last year my daughter and I were in desperate circumstances, walking near Southampton General Hospital.

We were crying, trying to find the neonatal unit where my granddaughter Yasmin had been taken by ambulance.

She was three days old and had been in intensive care in Dorchester before being transferred. We feared the worst, having to come to a hospital so far away from home.

In our distress, we dropped the baby car seat we had been carrying – and a tin of powdered baby milk, which had been in the seat, spilled into the road.

My daughter and I completely broke down in tears.

A lady who was passing by “rescued” us. She helped us pick up our belongings, carried some of them, took us to the correct hospital and saw us on to the ward.

We would like to thank this lady and let her know that, after major surgery and world-class care in Southampton, my granddaughter came home a few weeks later and is now a normal, very lively toddler.