RE Mrs Brown’s parking problems (Daily Echo, August 30), there must be thousands of homes that have a dropped kerb to enable the occupants to take their cars of the road but not for Mrs Brown apparently.

She poses a risk to children’s safety as legions of them storm passed her home damaging the delicate fabric of the footpath as they go to school.

A Hampshire County Council spokesman has said that it was not possible to put a parking bay outside her house as the road does not reach that far. At the risk of appearing excessively dim – what does that mean?

It was also said that the pavement that Mrs Brown was driving over to get closer to her house is used daily by children attending two local schools in the area and was suffering a good deal of damage – same as the roads then with potholes abounding.

Perhaps the county council has considered the possibility that some of the little darlings may very well disappear down one of those as they cross the road taking care to avoid the dangerous antics of Mrs Brown as she guns her car across the dodgy pavement churning up Tarmac and children as she goes. I’m for you Mrs – but watch out for kids on bikes (aged from 5 to 50) riding on the pavement or you may very well need bollards putting up to protect yourself from them. The council will then of course turn a blind eye.

PETER GREEN, Southampton.