REPORTER Lorelei Reddin (Daily Echo, July 20) is wrong if she thinks "healthy greyhounds, looking well-treated by their owners'' while racing, excuses visits to such stadiums.

This so-called sport has been very discredited in the last 18 months by the national press and the League against Cruel Sports.

Yes, of course, the dogs have to be kept in prime condition for racing, their owners' pockets depend on it. But it is believed 40,000 greyhounds are bred annually in the British Isles, many never see a track, discarded as sub-standard, just as those are who lost too often or considered past it'.

The industry cannot account for the large numbers who just disappear, but press investigations found massive breaches of NGR Club policy, even dogs killed by owners at a young age, and in horrific ways.

Those who patronise greyhound racing usually have no idea of the awful exploitation of so many of these gentle creatures who, if they are lucky enough to reach charity rescue centres, make lovely pets despite their sufferings.

More information from the League or to donate for the greyhounds, phone 020 7403 6155 or visit

SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities (16).