AS A frequent bus user I was very pleased when First buses introduced a new Zone ticket.

If you travel within the city area ie the Pink Zone you could have unlimited travel for £3.10 instead of the £4 day rider.

Brilliant news, I thought, for locals until I went on a bus.

Day one I was refused the ticket after the driver was rather stressed and said it didn’t even exist.

Luckly for me I had the new timetable which had the new above mentioned ticket printed and a map showing the pink zone – he took the ticket money but was rather rude.

After all the big changes to routes and numbers I thought ‘OK, it’s just a blip’ but after today and yet another driver unwilling to sell the ticket I’ve just about had it.

Do I need to take the printed timetable every time I need a city day ticket?

First buses please tell and show your drivers your new ticket and what the Pink Zone is and how far it covers (I live in Woolston which falls within the Pink Zone area.)

TRACEY GAYLOR, Southampton.