HOW interesting to read in the Daily Echo of a fire in a 25 metre high pile of woodchip in the docks opposite Millbrook Road – but fear not everybody because according to the Solent Stevedores manager: “It is only steam and is a normal process that commonly happens”

– he told the fire brigade.

Well that’s OK then. I wonder if that’s what the manager of the Biomass plant in Tilbury Docks thought when 4,000 tonnes of woodpellets ignited in February which was tackled by 100 firefighters?

I am sure we can all remember the the problems experienced when those tonnes of scrap metal caught fire on a cold, wet winter’s day but this woodchip is designed to burn albeit not always in a controlled environment.

These are all incidents waiting to happen, so let them happen somewhere else and not on our doorstep, literally .

MR K D HAWKSWORTH, Freemantle, Southampton.