A man accused of murdering Mark Noke at his Southampton flat has said his 'heart goes out' to his family.

Aaron Morgan, 32, told a jury 'it breaks my heart thinking about it' when asked about the death of the 64-year-old at his Thornhill home.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Morgan and four others had gone to Warburton Road as they planned to rob drugs and cash but ended up at Mark Noke’s property by mistake.

He said they made their way to the block in a vehicle which they parked in a car park off of Lydgate Road.

The group, which Morgan said was made up of Justin Roach, Leighton Tabone, Keiran Claffey and Bradley O'Dell, then got out and made their way to the flats.

Daily Echo: Mark Noke.Mark Noke. (Image: Hampshire Police)

Morgan told the jury: “As I was getting out the car there was a like Covid mask in the door pocket and yeah, I put one of them over my face.

"We had some gloves in the glove compartment, so I put those on. Some woolly ones.”

He claimed they were discussing about kicking the door into the flat when it opened.

Morgan said he was 'spooked' as he did not expect anyone to be in - so turned around and ran 'scared' back to the vehicle downstairs.

He continued: "I was panicking. I wanted to go home. I wanted to make sure that he was going to be alright.

"Leighton said that Keiran stabbed someone, and Keiran said 'I didn't mean to stab him'.

"I didn't wish for anything like that to happen to anybody, especially a poor, innocent old man."


Keiran Claffey, 29, of Keynsham Road; Aaron Morgan of Bursledon Road; Bradley O'Dell, 22, of West Park Road; Justin Roach, 40, of Chapel Road - and Leighton Tabone, 24, of no fixed address, deny murder and manslaughter.

Morgan, O’Dell, Roach and Tabone deny conspiracy to rob.

Claffey has already pleaded guilty to this charge.

The court had previously heard how Mr Noke suffered a stab wound to his chest and died before he could be transported to hospital.

Morgan told the jury that the group went to Steep Close and were panicking before he and O’Dell returned to the scene of the incident.

They saw police and paramedics at the scene and later learnt that Mr Noke had died.

Morgan added: “I felt terrible. My head went and at this point, I was just emotional.

"I couldn't believe it, it didn't seem real. I don't know, I was just a mess.

"The last thing I could have expected to happen."

Daily Echo: Police investigating the death of Mark Noke at Warburton Road in SouthamptonPolice investigating the death of Mark Noke at Warburton Road in Southampton (Image: Solent News & Photo Agency.)

Morgan was arrested on February 28, three days after Mark Noke’s death.

"[I was] shocked and scared”, added Morgan.

“At the same time, I was pretty annoyed as well.

"They came through my door for something I didn't do. My kids were there, it was three o'clock in the morning.

"My partner was annoyed about the whole situation as well. I was scared of what would happen to me.

"I didn't want to be labelled a grass. I was scared for my safety and my family's safety."

The trial continues.