Internet users leaving scathing reviews of restaurants and tourist attractions is nothing new in this day and age, but even institutions like Southampton Central Police Station have been on the receiving end of it.

Some Google Reviews users have complained of 'uncomfortable beds' and 'small rooms' whilst one joked it was "hard to check out".

Southampton Central Police Station only has a 2.2/5 score on Google Reviews from 68 people, and some got creative in their reasons for not liking their experience there.

Here's what witty remarks some left of Southampton Central Police Station.

Daily Echo: Southampton Central Police Station has not been well-received on Google ReviewsSouthampton Central Police Station has not been well-received on Google Reviews (Image: PA)

People complain about 'uncomfortable beds' at Southampton Police Station

Some of the more jokey reviews seemingly discussed their experience of the time they spent in the cells at the police station.

One wrote: "Bad hotel Rooms are a bit small no TV in rooms hard to check out but has free room service. Old lady desk jockey was nothing but rude and UN helpful."

Meanwhile, the beds were the subject of critique in another review, with a person sharing: "Toilet wasn't great, although I didn't use it. Bed wasn't very comfortable, could do with better mattress'."

However, a more positive review shared: "Very nice police officers, sandwiches were good, and the tea was good, and there [sic] burger and chips were 👌only thing that let it down was the beds weren’t that comfortable but I must say I had the best sleep I have had in a while".

Alongside that, one person seemed to express remorse about having to stay over at Southampton Central Police Station, writing: "not proud of myself but very clean".

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"Could not have been more helpful"

Amongst these reviews, there were also some more positive comments with one person praising the front desk workers.

They shared: "The lady could not have been more helpful. She was polite, business-like and accurate. If you offer politeness and openness you usually get it straight back."

Another wrote: "My car broke down on the avenue this morning,and I would like to thank two kind officers which I didn't get a chance to get their names offering to drop my children of at school! Thank you much appreciated."