Hamilton Idiomas UK
Mrs Iciar Frade
Host Families for Spanish children in the South of England

Tel: 07751 265 923
E Mail: info@hamiltonidiomas.co.uk
Web: www.hamiltonidiomas.co.uk
Bring a touch of Spain into your family life

We are looking for caring families to host Spanish children who come to practice and improve their English while they learn more about Britain, its culture and welcoming citizens.

We are a small organisation based in Bilbao (Spain) and The New Forest. For over 20 years we have very successfully organised trips to England to give Spanish children the opportunity of being part of an English family and we are proud to say that many really good friendships have been made throughout the years.

Our programme’s features are as follows:

  • The children stay in England for four weeks from June 24th to July 22nd.
  • We have no area restrictions. Our host families live anywhere in the in South of England.
  • Having a spare room for the student is not an essential request.
  • We preferably look for families with children aged 12 to 16 so the Spanish children can join them in all their activities: school, extra-curricular activities, plans with friends, etc.
  • The Spanish children are selected before coming, to make sure they are well mannered and mature enough to take the trip.
  • At all times a coordinator is in charge of the group, ready to manage any issues that may occur.
  • All children are fully covered by insurance.
  • A generous allowance is paid to help cover the child’s expenses and more. You might want to use that money to arrange activities the whole family will enjoy!