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Lego model of Tudor castle on display

Daily Echo: Stewart Morland and Lois Price admire a Lego model of Basing House, Great Hall, Winchester

11:40am Tuesday 8th January 2013

A fantastic Lego model of Basing House, one of the country's most important historic sites, is on display at Great Hall, Winchester.

First ever parents' evening

Daily Echo: STAGE SET: A T-Rex with its baby – one of the centrepieces of the Walking With Dinosaurs event

5:40pm Tuesday 1st November 2011

SO it was with a mild degree of trepidation that we made our way for our appointment with Ben’s class teacher for our very first parents’ evening.

Dress rehearsal for first day at school

Daily Echo: What bright sparks are Hampshire children!

WE HAD a little trial run of the blubbing that will no doubt occur when Ben takes his first step into school this week.

How things have changed

Daily Echo: EPS: Epsom Down Primary raise £1,500 at summer fair

10:44am Thursday 14th July 2011

IN the spirit of entering into school life we trotted along to the annual summer fair.

The school sprint

Daily Echo: Swanmead Community School and Greenfylde First School have been teaming up on a Lego project.

3:47pm Tuesday 28th June 2011

I THOUGHT I had all the time in the world. Looking at the clock there was a good thirty minutes before getting Ben to his first session at school.

A sense of loss

Daily Echo: Sian with Ben and Katie

THERE has been a slow decline in my mental state since having kids. I thought the whole baby brain thing was just an excuse to cover the faults of sleep-deprived mums at the end of their tether.

Over-egging the importance of being four years old

Daily Echo: Gabrysia blows out the candles on her birthday cake.

5:57pm Tuesday 31st May 2011

I THINK Ben is having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment. I blame myself. I think I over-egged how important it was going to be turning four.

Where has all the time gone?

Daily Echo: clock.jpg

11:30am Tuesday 24th May 2011

SOMEBODY tell me where the last four years have gone, as I surely to goodness don’t know.

Racing into adulthood

Daily Echo: Sian with Ben and Katie

9:52am Tuesday 10th May 2011

BEN has a very definite life plan. He has been sure for some time now where his career will take him.

A gold medal shopping performance!

Daily Echo: A gold medal shopping performance!

12:25pm Wednesday 15th December 2010

I HAVE a confession to make. You know that manic mother with a pram, who has you fleeing out of the way for fear of being ankle clipped while out shopping? Well that was most definitely me the other day.

All I want for Christmas is...

Daily Echo: I have a hot line to Mr S Claus

2:14pm Tuesday 7th December 2010

IS FATHER Christmas my new best friend or what? I am taking maximum advantage of the big man in red and his power to bring joy to the good children of the world and misery to those who are not.

What a carry-on

10:38am Tuesday 23rd November 2010

I AM once again the one-armed wonder as I try to function single-handed while carrying Katie about.

Burping not a long term DIY project

11:15am Tuesday 16th November 2010

THE neighbours would be forgiven for thinking there was some sort of long-term DIY project going on at ours due to the constant thudding sound emanating from our house.

Katie feeds on the run as we ferry Ben to playschool

Daily Echo: Sian Davies and Ben

2:23pm Tuesday 9th November 2010

Sian Davies is mum to Ben, 3, and new-born Katie.

Novelty of sleepless nights has worn off

Daily Echo: Novelty of sleepless nights has worn off

2:42pm Tuesday 2nd November 2010

WELL it’s a couple of weeks in and the novelty of sleepless nights has worn off, I can report.

The nesting instinct

Daily Echo: A well stocked freezer

2:31pm Tuesday 12th October 2010

I am not sure I can remember a time when I wasn’t pregnant, it seems to have gone on forever this time.

Resting is so tiring

Daily Echo: Sian Davies and Ben

4:42pm Tuesday 5th October 2010

WITH just two weeks to go until popping out time I am starting to feel the pace. The stairs are no friend to me these days as I tend to be a wheezing heap in need of a lie down by the time I reach the top.

Gaining more confidence as birth approaches

Daily Echo: GPs' lack of involvement in maternity care is undermining services to pregnant women

2:55pm Tuesday 21st September 2010

I will say from the outset that I am not really a great believer in all things natural therapy, but that probably comes from a lack of experience and knowledge of it rather than firm evidence.

An entrancing time

Daily Echo: Hypnotherapist Paul Hancocks.

3:00pm Tuesday 21st September 2010

Find out how easibirthing can help reduce stress and anxiety during labour

A difficult journey

Daily Echo: Sian Davies and Ben

2:32pm Tuesday 14th September 2010

SO another week, another milestone in the life of Ben. Dressed proudly for playschool in his oversized jumper, Ben was packed off to his new pre-school this week.

Not enough hours in the day surely

Daily Echo: Sian and Ben

1:52pm Tuesday 7th September 2010

BY the time this is published I will be basking in the glow that is maternity leave.

A sad farewell to little goldfish

Daily Echo: A sad farewell to little Gorby

11:20am Tuesday 31st August 2010

WE had sad news in the Mum About Town household this week. One of our goldfish passed away.

Enjoying some 'us' time before baby number two

Daily Echo: A jobless couple who live in a £1,200-a-month house paid for by taxpayers are expecting a 12th child

6:43pm Tuesday 17th August 2010

WITH the prospect of two children on the horizon Ben’s dad and I took ourselves off for a cheeky little weekend without our son and heir in the hope of getting some ‘us time’ in before chaos once again descended.

Second time around

Daily Echo: sian.jpg

5:48pm Wednesday 11th August 2010

HAD a flash of realisation the other day that in a matter of two months I will be the proud mother of two – yikes!

We’re just too tired to party

12:05pm Tuesday 3rd August 2010

THE MUM About Town gang packed up and shipped out for our summer holiday… this year it was The North.

Keep children safe in the sun

Daily Echo: Keep children safe in the sun

12:07pm Tuesday 3rd August 2010

A NEW campaign has been launched in a bid to cut the number of children who get sunburnt while enjoying the summer holidays.

All change as Ben gets set for sibling

10:25am Tuesday 27th July 2010

THE first of a number of changes to hit my little boy happened last week. Ben had his last day at the nursery where he has been going since he was nine months old.

We’re graduating to ‘big’ school...

Daily Echo: Early Years Centre at University of Southampton

10:29am Tuesday 27th July 2010

YOUNGSTERS in Southampton had the chance to experience all the pomp and ceremony of a real graduation ceremony as the waved goodbye to their Early Years education and headed off to ‘big’ school.

Buggy push for National Childbirth Trust

Daily Echo: BUggy push for National Childbirth Trust

5:10am Friday 23rd July 2010

A GROUP of Hampshire mums are planning to push their babies in buggies around a 3K course to raise money for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

Actively fun in Southampton

Daily Echo: Woodlands Nursery and Pre-school enjoy sports equipment with Haven giveaway

2:04pm Tuesday 20th July 2010

CHILDREN across Southampton are having a ball thanks to hundreds of pounds of sports and play equipment being handed to pre- schools and nurseries. Youngsters are enjoying the brand new play equipment after taking part in the Haven Fun and Fitness campaign.

What a sport!

Daily Echo: What a sport!

1:59pm Tuesday 20th July 2010

I’LL start this week with some unashamed boasting about my child’s achievements. I said I never would but I just can’t help myself.

Too hot for little ones

Daily Echo: Not even a visit to the park

11:37am Tuesday 13th July 2010

With all this glorious weather I have been planning a host of days out and fun things to do in the garden.

Star swim classes

Daily Echo: Photo by Jez Dixon for Water Babies

4:31pm Tuesday 6th July 2010

BABY swimming lessons in Hampshire are continuing to make a splash after scooping a national award for the third year running.

Dealing with the reality of childbirth

Daily Echo: A 74-year-old is believed to have become Britain's oldest father after his wife gave birth to a baby boy

4:17pm Tuesday 6th July 2010

THE reality of embarking on another pregnancy hit home the other day when I was faced with remembering the horror that was giving birth to Ben.

First night in a proper single bed

Daily Echo: Heady mixture of Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine

4:30pm Tuesday 29th June 2010

DECORATING isn’t easy with a three year old about is it?

Grasping the impact of having a brother or sister

Daily Echo: Grasping the impact of having a brother or sister

3:10pm Tuesday 22nd June 2010

ANOTHER week, another stone! Actually it’s not all that bad, while I feel like I am eating as often as I breath in and out the bumpage is not all that impressive.

Kate did young authors proud

Daily Echo: Tutor Kate Day with her pupils

11:52am Tuesday 15th June 2010

BUDDING authors are being given the chance to pen their own books and even have them published.

Kid number two on the way

Daily Echo: Pregnant women to be offered Down's Syndrome screening

6:02pm Sunday 13th June 2010

MUM About Town is at it again! Not content with one little bundle of joy, I am really pleased to report that Ben Mark Two is on the cards.

Get back in shape like Davina McCall

Daily Echo: Davina McCall

12:09pm Tuesday 1st June 2010

NEW mums in the South may have unrealistic expectations of getting back to their pre-baby body shape quickly, according to a new survey.

Ben's biker mates

Daily Echo: HOT TOPIC: James Dean probably wouldn't have backed Kenny Gibson's plan to make films with smoking scenes Certificate 18  and neither did our readers

11:54am Tuesday 1st June 2010

BEN has joined a gang. At the tender age of three he is ‘running with da boyz’.

Do you have the skills to foster?

Daily Echo: Brenton Watson

4:05pm Tuesday 25th May 2010

THERE are 53,000 children in the UK living with foster families.

Is Ben turning into a Kevin?

Daily Echo: Is Ben turning into a Kevin?

11:38am Tuesday 25th May 2010

I SWEAR if I have to say it one more time I will be forced to tattoo it on my forehead. I fear Ben is already developing the vocabulary of a teenager. The worst example of this is when he simply grunts in an effort to get me to repeat what I have just said.

Turning a corner on the irrational tantrum front

Daily Echo: Sian and Ben

2:49pm Tuesday 18th May 2010

I AM pleased to report that Ben is possibly turning a corner on the irrational tantrum front.

Search is on for best read

Daily Echo: Locals at Southampton Central Library getting involved

3:19pm Tuesday 11th May 2010

THE search for Southampton’s favourite family read has begun. Southampton’s Favourite Book to Share Award has been officially launched and is aimed at encouraging families to enjoy books together.

Egg and Spoon game proves a winner

Daily Echo: SURE WINNER: The Egg and Spoon game

3:16pm Tuesday 11th May 2010

WELL, the birthday seemed to go quite well.

Ben's birthday wish, a pair of wheels

Daily Echo: First set of wheels?

3:24pm Tuesday 4th May 2010

CAN you believe it, my little boy is three this week. I surely can’t.

Time to sort out the old Babygros

Daily Echo: City watchdog warned to adopt a cautious approach to its review of mortgage regulation

2:55pm Tuesday 27th April 2010

MUM About Town is on the move this week. We have packed up, boxed up and moved out of our lovely house that we have called home for eight years.

Mummy's birthday treat

Daily Echo: FLOWERING FESTIVITIES: A floral birthday cake, symbolising birthdays and celebrations, created by Pauline Booty (c)

5:33pm Tuesday 20th April 2010

IT was Mum About Town’s birthday this week and yes thank you I had a lovely day.

Babies lap up great swimming lessons

Daily Echo: Budge Pountney who runs a Waterbabies class

2:19pm Tuesday 13th April 2010

OVER the years he has taught hundreds of babies to swim and have confidence in the water. Now the hard work of Budge Pountney has been recognised after he was nominated for a national award.

Ben's friend, the green chick, breaks under interrogation

Daily Echo: The unfinished jigsaw

12:56pm Tuesday 13th April 2010

BEN’S Imagination is coming on at quite a rate. It


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