IT'S a cheesy, schmaltzy, sparkly, fluffy feast of a show - and the young audience loved every minute.

All the references to the dairy delight were making this cheese lover somewhat peckish, but other than a five minute sweet wrapper rustling spell at the beginning, my companions soon forgot all about their stomachs and were spellbound at the action on stage.

Daily Echo:

Miranda, aged five, and four-year-old Arabella are big fans of Angelina Ballerina in print and on TV, but they didn't bat an eyelid at the stage transfer in which a small cast don mouse masks and tails and depict Angelina and her pals.

The biggest TV show in Mouseland Dancing With Mice is coming to the Camembert Academy and Angelina and her classmates must put on a worthy performance at the Roquefort Theatre.

Daily Echo:

The only trouble is, the ballet loving girls and hip hop fan boys just can't agree on a routine and it's up to dance captain Angelina, and a lively crowd, to ensure the show goes on.

There's plenty of opportunity for audience participation in this all-singing, all-dancing production, which is high on morals and almost sickly sweet at times.

Daily Echo:

After the contents of a seemingly endless and wildly impressive dressing up box were emptied on stage and the show within a show dazzled, hundreds of tiny ballerinas were given the chance to join Angelina, Alice, Gracie, Viki, AJ and Marco in a freestyle pirouette in the aisles.

The lovely set is cleverly built within the set of Dirty Dancing so the little ones mothers are whooping and cheering for Johnny in the very same seats later.

But for just under an hour, this pink paradise allows pre-schoolers and early years girls, and a few boys, to have the time of their lives.

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