Curtain Call

REVIEW: Jack Up, West Moors Drama, West Moors Memorial Hall

10:48am Monday 14th April 2014

Playwright Ian Hornby passed away suddenly, shortly before Christmas, and this farce was his final work.

REVIEW: The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later, Nuffield Youth Theatre, Nuffield, Southampton

9:59am Monday 14th April 2014

THE second part of the Laramie Project Cycle was based on Tectonic Theatre Company’s return to Laramie and quest to resolve unanswered questions and explore opinion a decade on from the murder of Matthew Shepard.

REVIEW: All My Sons, Lyndhurst Drama and Musical Society, Vernon Hall

9:57am Monday 14th April 2014

THE audience was held in thrall by this performance.

REVIEW: Company, CCADS, Station Theatre, Hayling Island

9:53am Monday 14th April 2014

STEPHEN SONDHEIM and George Furth’s ironic show contains more depth than most musicals, with long periods of dialogue that allow the characters to display their various personalities.

Curtain Call previews

Daily Echo: Three Little Maids from Hot Mikado performed by Ringwood Musical & Dramatic Society

1:43pm Friday 11th April 2014

SIZZLING with red-hot gospel, swing, blues and jazz music, Ringwood Musical & Dramatic Society stage Hot Mikado next week. Based on the classic Gilbert & Sullivan operetta The Mikado, you may find the story and tunes familiar – but they’ve been brought right up to date in a funky, contemporary style, and the story of mismatched love is definitely played for laughs in the fictional Japanese city of Titipu.

LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: Round and Round the Garden, Titchfield Festival Theatre, St Margaret's Arts

11:33am Friday 11th April 2014

The third of ALAN AYCKBOURN trilogy, 'the Norman Conquests', is revived with affection, a lovely set and beguiling comedy.

LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: The Laramie Project, Nuffield Youth Theatre, Nuffield, Southampton

10:05am Friday 11th April 2014

Shocking, moving and yet humanely told, the play presented the story of the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, based on the testimonies of the resident of Laramie collected by Tectonic Theatre Company in the aftermath of the attack.

REVIEW: Stopped Interrupting, The Admirals' Players, Fisher Hall, HMS Excellent

9:48am Thursday 10th April 2014

WHEN a leading amateur actor is knocked over on his way to the theatre, fate would have it that the driver of the car is the play’s author, who agrees to step in to fill the role.

REVIEW: Sweeney Todd, Pocket Theatre, Hanger Farm Arts Centre

9:43am Thursday 10th April 2014

THEY say “if you can – do, but if you can’t – teach”. David Tatnall has undoubtedly proved he can do both, this being the second production where he has promoted teenage talent to direct.

REVIEW: Thick as a Brick, RAODS, the Plaza Theatre, Romsey

9:43am Thursday 10th April 2014

JOHN Godber’s musical, about a temporary relief teacher, Mary Clifford (Lisa Gilmour), replacing a dead colleague as drama teacher in a failing school and trying to overturn the indifference of the Headmaster (Nick Longland, also amusing as a seedy hotel owner) and of the three students we get to meet(Jennifer Hampton, Nancy Longland and Lizzie Harden) has a rough charm, but isn't very penetrating.

REVIEW: Check It Out, Dancewise Studios, Nuffield, Southampton

10:54am Tuesday 8th April 2014

NOW in its ninth year this annual show provides a celebration of and showcase for the work of Dancewise Studios.

REVIEW: This is My Song, Musical Theatre Salisbury, The Salberg Studio, Salisbury Playhouse

12:41pm Monday 7th April 2014

DIRECTORS Ben Occhipinti and Mark Powell used anecdotes from 140 pages of interviews with past and present cast-members to create a rich tapestry of what makes amateur dramatics companies tick.

REVIEW: Oliver Twist, Studio Youth Theatre, Studio Theatre, Salisbury

10:05am Wednesday 2nd April 2014

DIRECTOR PETER KELLY takes an interesting approach to Dickens’ novel, rejecting any Oliver jolliness in this staging in the round of REG MITCHELL’S script.

REVIEW: The Misanthrope, Chesil Theatre, Winchester

10:31am Monday 31st March 2014

MARK FRANK is an experienced Director but this verse translation of MOLIÈRE'S powerful rebuke to the overly critical (by RICHARD WILBUR) is his first production with Chesil.

REVIEW: Megan and the Golden Key, Junior Hamble Players, Memorial Hall, Hamble

10:26am Monday 31st March 2014

GEOFF Bamber’s comic fantasy adventure presented a whole new spin on the Alice in Wonderland story, as Megan slid down a hole to the Underland.

Curtain Call previews

Daily Echo: A scene from The Misanthrope

12:21pm Friday 28th March 2014


REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice, One Off Productions, Kings Theatre Southsea

10:11am Friday 28th March 2014

A précised adaptation of Jane Austen's novel about the five Bennet sisters in Georgian England, whose lives are turned upside down by wealthy (Bingley) and his best friend (Darcy).

REVIEW: Blithe Spirit, Southampton University Students Union Theatre Group, Annex Theatre

9:45am Friday 28th March 2014

NOEL COWARD'S comedy shows how novelist Charles Condomine (ALEX SCOTCHBROOK) is repaid for hiring a medium just to research his next pot boiler with the return of his deceased first wife Elvira (HAYLEY BASKERVILLE making a striking début).

REVIEW: Witches Abroad, Collingwood RSC, HMS Collingwood

11:19am Thursday 27th March 2014

Collingwood RSC and Director CHRIS BLATCH-GAINEY have quite a history with TERRY PRATCHETT'S work, with the excellent EMMA HUGHES and JANE BLATCH-GAINEY as Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg a formidable and still improving acting team at the centre of their adaptations, and now their latest production is a world première, with the script provided by the Director.

REVIEW: The A to Z Musicals, Fareham Musical Society, Ferneham Hall, Fareham

11:23am Monday 24th March 2014

IT’S a tall order trying to find musicals that cover the alphabet and then making sure the programme gels, but hats off to Fareham Musical Society, who did just that (even if Y = Crazy for You was somewhat dubious!) There were, of course, plenty of popular numbers but also some more unusual choices and, in the spirit of these compilations, there was a chance for everyone to be a star for a song or two.

REVIEW: Dead Guilty, Lee Players, Crofton Hall Theatre, Stubbington

11:06am Monday 24th March 2014

Julia (Fiona Trezise) is left with mental and physical scars after a road accident in which her lover dies. Her besotted handyman, Gary (Tom Fisher) and counsellor Anne (Louise Hayes) attempt to help Julia through this difficult time.

Curtain Call previews

2:15pm Friday 21st March 2014


LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: The Zoo Story and The 13th Floor The Maskers Theatre Company, The Maskers Studio, Shirley

11:20am Friday 21st March 2014

The Zoo Story

REVIEW: The God of Carnage, Southampton University Students Union Theatre Group, The Annex Theatre

10:20am Wednesday 19th March 2014

YASMINA Reza’s play, as translated by Christopher Hampton, comes across as an exquisite comedy of embarrassment and conflicting but equally suburban values, as two sets of parents, Michel and Veronique (John Erskine and Ellie Pilborough) and Annette and Alain (Joanna Mills and Sam Dobson) are brought together to discuss a violent incident between their ten-yearold boys.

REVIEW: Death by Fatal Murder, Copythorne Amateur Theatrical Society, Copythorne Parish Hall

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

1:11pm Monday 17th March 2014

INFAMOUS Inspector Pratt returns to the scene of previous investigations at Bagshot House when one of his officers goes missing.

REVIEW: Les Cages Aux Folles, SJ Productions, Theatre Royal Winchester

Daily Echo: Theatre Royal

1:10pm Monday 17th March 2014

THERE can be few meetings more anticipated and anxietyridden than the potential in-laws meeting for the first time, but for Jean-Michel (Matt McGrath) it is to be avoided at all costs as Mum is a performing gay transvestite and Dad the drag nightclub owner.

REVIEW: Bang Out Of Order, Intermediate Oasis Youth Theatre, Oasis Academy, Lordshill

Daily Echo: Oasis Academy Lord's Hill

1:09pm Monday 17th March 2014

TAKING antisocial behavour and its consequences as a unifying theme, the play was an object lesson in economic storytelling, with short punchy scenes punctuated by bursts of humour.

Drama student's plea after winning place at top performing arts school

Daily Echo: Drama student's plea after land place at top performing arts school

4:41pm Sunday 16th March 2014

A Hampshire teenager won a place at one of the country's top performing arts schools pleaded for a sponsor to help with £14,000 fees.

Curtain Call previews this week

2:59pm Friday 14th March 2014


LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: Macbeth, Southsea Shakespeare Actors, Square Tower, Portsmouth

10:23am Friday 14th March 2014

With fog swirling outside and waves lapping at its base, Portsmouth’s medieval Square Tower was the ideal setting for this gory tale of ambition and retribution, staged ‘in the round ‘ by this committed and talented company.

LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: After Miss Julie, Titchfield Festival Theatre, St Margaret's Arts

10:19am Friday 14th March 2014

PATRICK MARBER relocates STRINDBERG'S drama to England the night Labour's 1945 General Election victory is declared (a historic news clip sets the scene), in the kitchen of a seemingly affluent Labour peer's house. Christine (HOLLY ROBERTSON) awaits the chauffeur, John (RYAN STAGG in his TFT début), who arrives gossiping about the latest antics of the daughter of the house, Julie (CLARE BLACKBURN). Can these characters transcend the bonds of class, gender and their attitude to each other?

REVIEW: The Weekend, RAODS, Plaza Theatre

9:46am Thursday 13th March 2014

MICHAEL Palin’s only stage play centres around the cantankerous misanthrope Stephen Febble, the extremely reluctant host to guests invited by his wife for the weekend.

LAST NIGHT'S REVIEW: Pirates of Penzance, LOPSoc, Nuffield Theatre

9:35am Thursday 13th March 2014

Requesting a first-night review and swapping the intimate Annex for the larger Nuffield, directors Jon North and Ian Wainwright appeared to be taking a gamble.

Curtain Call previews this week

Daily Echo: La Cage aux Folles

1:16pm Friday 7th March 2014


REVIEW: Return to the Forbidden Planet, Footlights Youth Theatre, the Nuffield

9:14am Thursday 6th March 2014

This science-fiction musical, with a nod to The Tempest and other works by Shakespeare, set to sixties rock and roll, is an interesting mix that blends together surprisingly well.

REVIEW: Guys and Dolls, Southampton University Showstoppers, The Annex

10:29am Monday 3rd March 2014

DESPITE not appearing to offer a specialist musical-theatre degree option, Southampton University has an enviable knack of unearthing exceptional talent.

REVIEW: Loserville, Music Theatre South, The Hub, Southampton

10:28am Monday 3rd March 2014

TRAILING the lives of highschoolers, Loserville is a modern take on an old theme, good vs bad and love winning out in the end.

Curtain Call Previews

Daily Echo: Footlights Youth Theatre collect their Production of the Year award

10:59am Friday 28th February 2014


REVIEW: The Diary of Anne Frank, Southampton University Players, Nuffield Theatre

8:59am Thursday 27th February 2014

WENDY Kesselman has adapted Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s 1955 stage version of this document of the Shoah, and director Lorraine Biddlecombe and a fine cast (with many débuting) portray the last two years of Anne Frank’s life with great sincerity.

Get involved in historic production

12:15pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

A THEATRE will host its first outdoor show in over 21 years this summer and is looking for volunteers.

REVIEW: 1001 Arabian Nights, Poulner Players

12:12pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

BAGHDAD is experiencing troubling times: the evil Vizier will take control of the city unless Princess Jasmine is married before her 21st birthday.

REVIEW: Robinson Crusoe, West Meon Theatre, The Meon Hall, Meonstoke

11:32am Monday 24th February 2014

THE story of an ambitious window cleaner, J.Pierrepont Finch, who sets out to rise to chairman of the board, this musical comes from the same stable as Guys and Dolls and shares some characteristics.

REVIEW: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Encore Youth Theatre, Theatre Royal Winchester

11:27am Monday 24th February 2014

THE story of an ambitious window cleaner, J.Pierrepont Finch, who sets out to rise to chairman of the board, this musical comes from the same stable as Guys and Dolls and shares some characteristics.

REVIEW: Oklahoma! Alresford Community Theatre Society, Perins School, Alresford

11:26am Monday 24th February 2014

HAVING recently celebrated its 70th birthday, this show is regarded as being Rogers and Hammerstein’s ground-breaking musical.

REVIEW: Henry V, SUSU, Nuffield Annex Theatre

11:25am Monday 24th February 2014

THIS was a fine account of Shakespeare’s most famous play about war, interestingly staged with fine performances and a most informative programme.

Curtain Call Previews

Daily Echo: A scene from Anne Frank

11:59am Friday 21st February 2014


REVIEW: Pirates of the Panto Actors Co-operative Theatre of Southampton, Freemantle United Reformed Church

9:42am Friday 21st February 2014

It would be fair to say that this panto wasn’t entirely smooth running but boy did it make up for it in pace, double entendres and general hilarity as dastardly Captain Spongebag Roundpants (Howard Corbett) and his handsome rival, Captain Zac Sparrow (Daniel Knight) fought to pocket the gold.

REVIEW: Making Money, Studio Theatre, Salisbury

9:38am Friday 21st February 2014

Director CHRIS HAWLEY'S adaptation of the 36th novel in TERRY PRATCHETT'S 'Discworld' series follows Studio Theatre's successful production of "Going Postal", and also features the resourceful con merchant Moist von Lipwig, who is again played by STEW TAYLOR, displaying enough energy to help us sail through a three hour play featuring 35 characters, not to mention four thousand Golems!

Oliver! Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre, The Point, Eastleigh

9:27am Friday 21st February 2014

With many new faces stepping to the fore in CPYT's new show, the whole cast seemed enthused and energised by the experience.

REVIEW: The Spider and the Bird, RAODS Youth, Plaza Theatre, Romsey

10:50am Thursday 20th February 2014

IN A real change of pace, RAODS Youth has chosen a play about drugs and gangs as its very first drama production.


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