HUMMINGBIRD, a darkly beautiful story of love and murder, is coming to the Forest Arts in New Milton on Thursday after winning international critical acclaim.

This physical theatre production by young, Lecoq-trained company Tooth+Nail is acrobatic, delicately seductive, and spiked with black humour.

Like latter-day Macbeths Ralph Conti and Edith Cole lead each other ever further into darkness along a path that ultimately leads to the electric chair.

The show is inspired by the infamous Lonely-Hearts Killers who entrapped their victims through newspaper small ads in the USA in the early 1950s. From this starting point Tooth+Nail have crafted a production that is highly physical with a distinctive visual style – more a tapestry of fragments and clues than a straightforward three-act drama.

In telling their tale the cast of three have blended acting and acrobatics.

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