ELDERLY entrepreneur Reece Wells confesses to serious crimes, engaging call-girl Poopay as a witness to his signed testimony. Dragged into comical escapades, Poopay meets Reece’s two late wives – via a time travelling cupboard… Right from the start the tension of this sometimes dark comedy bubbled intoxicatingly: Steve Harris’s menacing villain was hypnotic, Ben O’Shaugnessy captured Reece’s various incarnations with style and Lou Mannell provided able support as his vacuous first wife.

Amy Manwaring (Poopay) and Holly Robertson (Ruella) were the stars of the evening: Manwaring ran a gamut of emotions with consummate ease and her accents, attitude and poise seamlessly merged to form a fascinating character, with Robertson the perfect comic partner as Reece’s brilliant, feisty second wife.

The set, although good in design, lacked finish but there was good attention to props and costume detail (despite some dodgy wigs). However, it was Manwaring and Robertson who were a professional class act.