HEAVEN or Hell? I’m talking about two colliding worlds, governed by Jupiter (David Collis) and Pluto (Roger Lamb) and not my opinion of the show. Offenbach’s operetta has been seamlessly updated in a clever and humorous fashion, though it steps beyond the realms of good taste at times with its coarse literary imagery.

The principals were of a high standard with Eurdyice (Annie Tatnall) singing like the goddess she never quite managed to be, instead hankering after a darker life with the irrepressible Pluto. There were some fun cameos; the obsequious Styx (Terry O’Farrell) giving a creepy performance in every sense of the word. The ensemble were well drilled but the lyrics were lost in the opening numbers. The costumes were lovely, with some subtle but not unnoticed touches. The orchestra and lighting added to the atmosphere. Despite so many positives the production lacked overall sparkle.