SPOOF costume drama I’m An Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here is playing at theatre Royal Winchester tonight.

The highly physical show uses devised comedy theatre techniques and contemporary clowning with a script inspired by the tale of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Accessible to audiences of all ages, the show will particularly resonate with students of theatre and teenage audiences, along with fans of Blackadder and The Mighty Boosh.

Three actors use the basic plot of the Scarlet Pimpernel to present accessible characters in a show peppered with witty modern cultural references and plenty of swashbuckling action. The drama is set in Paris 1792 when Revolution gripped the city and traitors were being marched to their deaths.

Paris is in dire need of a hero to emerge through this backdrop of sword fights, heart-wrenching love scenes and intrigue and deathdefying French accents… n OFF-Broadway audiences gave this moving drama standing ovations. Two brothers live in a house in North Philly. Although adults, there is something child-like about these orphans. The eldest supports himself and his brother by petty thievery. One night he brings home a rich older man to get him drunk and rob him.

It turns out that the man – Harold is very rich and on the run from a hitman.

Harold establishes the house as a base of operations and, in a strange, hilarious and moving way, becomes the father figure the boys have always yearned for.

Orphans is at The Point on Sunday.

n The most famous play in the world is performed at Forest Arts in New Milton tonight as you’ve never seen it before.

Hamlet’s father is dead. His mother has married his uncle. His girlfriend’s dad says they can’t be together.

And then the ghost turns up… Blue Apple Theatre re-invent the world’s greatest play in a fresh, powerful and fearless adaptation using Shakespeare’s original language.

Blue Apple Theatre is an awardwinning inclusive theatre company which promotes the talents of actors with learning disabilities.