THEY have not even bothered to say sorry.

Two weeks after an out-of-control bonfire became an inferno that destroyed treasured gardens and possessions, neighbours are still waiting for an apology from the family who started the fire.

Tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of damage was caused when the fire rapidly escalated and tore through the back gardens of a Totton neighbourhood.

Canisters flew through the air when the inferno took hold as flames razed homemade sheds to the ground and destroyed conservatories, shattering glass and melting plastic.

At the time, the Daily Echo spoke to the family living in Northlands Road who lit the bonfire, but they declined to comment apart from insisting “it wasn’t a bonfire – we were trying to clean some leaves by burning them”.

Now, 14 days later, one family say they still haven’t had so much as an apology as they await news from their insurance company about making a claim to cover the cost of the damage.

Brothers Martin and Wayne Jordan live with their parents Len and Jill in Bishops Close and had their back garden completely burnt out.

As reported, the garden Jill, 79, had tended to for decades and the state-of-the-art shed her sons spent two years creating has gone – leaving just a couple of garden ornaments and a lathe behind.

Fishing and camping equipment worth thousands of pounds has also been lost along with match programmes from when Southampton won the FA Cup in 1976 and other Saints memorabilia.

The family is yet to hear from their insurance firm about making a claim.

Meanwhile their 86-year-old father, who suffers from dementia, is no longer able to enjoy the garden where he loved to sit and admire the flowers.

Wayne said: “He said to us ‘I had it all, now I have got nothing.’ He would sit there all the time.”

Jill, 79, added: “We’re just devastated. Gutted.”

Wayne, 54, added: “We still haven’t heard from the people responsible. That’s the first thing I would be doing.

“I’d be going round to see that everyone was OK, to say sorry.”