SNOW HAS again caused chaos in Hampshire.

Police have warned motorists to take extra care amid predictions of further downfalls today.

Depths of up to 12 cm have been forecast in parts of Hampshire while icy winds are expected to add to the treacherous driving conditions later this afternoon.

Temperatures are set to drop this evening to minus 10 C in rural locations and officers are warning of wide spread black ice across the region.

Hampshire Constabulary's 4x4 vehicles, along with vehicles from their partner agencies, are being mobilised for emergencies during the Siberian blast.

Christmas shoppers are being told to stick to main roads, which will be on the priority gritting routes along with trunk roads, motorways and town and city centre areas.

All major roads and most minor roads are currently passable with care but there is the threat that snow and slush will freeze later today making road surfaces more hazardous.

Hampshire Highways are ploughing and gritting continuously across the road network using 37 trucks.

Police driving advice for motorists: If you must travel: 1. Prepare yourself for your journey - first ask if your journey is really necessary. If it is, pack warm clothes, food, hot drinks, a fully charged mobile phone and a shovel. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to arrive.

2. Prepare your vehicle for your journey - make sure your vehicle is well maintained, clear of snow and ice and that your tyres are at the correct pressure.

3. Drive safely - keep your distance, avoid hard braking or acceleration and steer gently. If you skid, ease off the accelerator, and try and avoid braking hard.

4. Winter sun is also extremely bright and dazzling, so always keep a pair of sunglasses in the car and on long journeys ensure you take regular breaks as tiredness can kill.

5. Be prepared for the unexpected, especially black ice.

You can check which roads are on which priority salting routes using a map or postcode at:

Southampton Airport has been closed, football matches across the county have been cancelled and roads are proving dangerous for drivers due to the overnight coating of the white stuff.

No planes will be flying in or out of Southampton until midday today and passengers are advised to contact their airlines for the latest information.

A broken down lorry on the A34 near Sutton Scotney is causing congestion for motorists who have braved the icy roads.

Staff at Fort Nelson in Fareham have decided to close this morning due to safety fears and a decision will be made later this afternoon to see if they will reopen tomorrow.

While officials have cancelled the Salisbury versus Tiverton game this afternoon.

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