Hampshire restaurant reviews from the Daily Echo

Asian restaurant chain Wagamama given the go-ahead for new site in Winchester

Daily Echo: Wagamama restaurants are modeled on the ramen bars found in Japan.

11:01am Tuesday 29th April 2014

A NATIONAL restaurant chain offering Asian-inspired meals has been given the go ahead by Winchester civic chiefs.

Botleigh Grange Hotel, Southampton

Daily Echo: Botleigh Grange Hotel, Southampton

WHEN the Plumpton family called time on the Botleigh Grange Hotel and handed the reins to new management, it was the end of an era.

Brasserie Blanc, Winchester

Daily Echo: Brasserie Blanc, Winchester

I WAS at once embarrassed. Who after all visits the restaurant of one of the world’s top French chefs, orders lamb and asks for mint sauce?

Ed’s Easy Diner, Southampton

Daily Echo: Ed’s Easy Diner

6:35pm Wednesday 12th June 2013

ED’s Easy Diner does what it says on the tin.

The Kings Arms, Lockerley

Daily Echo: The Kings Arms, Lockerley

4:58pm Thursday 25th April 2013

It was a novel twist on the usual pub garden and I could see why the grounds of The Kings Arms at Lockerley, just a ten minute drive north of Romsey, was proving so popular.

The White Horse, Otterbourne

Daily Echo: The White Horse, Otterbourne

THE devil is in the detail – and so is the delight.

Coco Rio, Southampton

Daily Echo: Coco Rio, Southampton

5:23pm Thursday 21st February 2013

IT WAS a freezing cold night and even Southampton’s normally buzzing Bedford Place was virtually deserted.

Cafe Tusk, Fareham

Daily Echo: Cafe Tusk

IT is the restaurant with 60 sumptuous dishes, 180 seats – and one award winning chef.

Nick’s Restaurant, Southampton

Daily Echo: Nick’s Restaurant, Southampton

IT’S A family affair, which was fairly obvious judging by the large number of happy families sat around me.

Merchant Blue Moon, Southampton

Daily Echo: Merchant Blue Moon, Southampton

IT’S one dark, autumnal evening and, despite the fact the Boat Show was in town, Southampton is quiet and grey.

Sanjha, Shirley Road, Southampton

THERE’S a fresh feel about Sanjha, Southampton ’s newest Indian restaurant.

La Margherita, Town Quay, Southampton

Daily Echo: La Margherita, Town Quay, Southampton

SOMETIMES, the success of a restaurant depends just as much on the service you get as the food you are served.

The Rockstone, Bevois Valley, Southampton

Daily Echo: Max Greenwood behind the bar with Stephanie Baker and Kathryn Phaus

HE Rockstone in Bevois Valley has only been open a matter of months but its reputation has grown fast.

The Fisherman’s Haunt, Winkton

Daily Echo: The Fisherman’s Haunt, Winkton

11:18am Wednesday 14th December 2011

IT WAS one of those typical gloomy, damp winter days and we were in need of some cheer. Somewhere quite the opposite to the weather really: where the welcome was as warm as the atmosphere and the promise of good food and fine company would sweep away the effects of the winter chills.

Amelie and Friends, Chichester

Daily Echo: Amelie and Friends, Chichester

5:43pm Wednesday 7th December 2011

AMELIE and Friends was launched in 2010 in Chichester. Housed in a beautiful townhouse in Chichester’s historic town centre, its simple yet modern interior creates a relaxing informal atmosphere. For those interested in Chichester’s history; the building is famed with housing the country’s oldest wine merchant dating from 1780.

Prince Indian Brasserie, Southampton

Daily Echo: Prince Indian Brasserie, Southampton

5:40pm Wednesday 30th November 2011

BESIDE a good range of curries, from baltis to vindaloos, attentive service is always on the menu at Prince Indian Brasserie.

Lupa Restaurant, Southampton

Daily Echo: Lupa Southampton

12:33pm Wednesday 9th November 2011

IT’S BEEN an institution serving pizza and pasta to Southampton for some 30 years.

Coriander Lounge, Southampton

Daily Echo: Coriander Lounge,  Southampton,

3:46pm Wednesday 12th October 2011

WHEN this incredible restaurant first opened less than two years ago, I described it as curry heaven – and nothing has happened to change my mind.

The Vestry, Southampton

Daily Echo: The Vestry, Southampton

5:42pm Wednesday 21st September 2011

IT CAN hardly be called a new kid on the block.

Chewton Glen Hotel, New Forest

Daily Echo: Chewton Glen Hotel, New Forest

11:13am Monday 5th September 2011

They say if it ain’t broke, then don’t meddle. Or that’s the gist of the recommendation. Why change a sure-fire thing,I guess is the thinking. And few could ever deny the restaurant at the Chewton Glen Hotel was already anything but a success.

The Grill Room, Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst

Daily Echo: Rhinefield House Launch The Grill Room, 16.6.11.

6:30pm Friday 29th July 2011

Even on a slightly chilly summer’s evening the drive to Rhinefield House is enough to put you in a marvellous mood.

The Red Lion, Bitterne

Daily Echo: MEAL DEAL: Diners at the Red Lion.

3:32pm Wednesday 2nd March 2011

There’s something very, well, comforting if I’m honest about the menu at The Red Lion at Bitterne.

The Drift Inn, Beaulieu

Daily Echo: The Drift Inn, Beaulieu

11:37am Wednesday 23rd February 2011

It was, my colleague assured me, quite the best pub lunch he had enjoyed – ever. Fair enough. We had both just enjoyed a quite marvellous treat – good food, freshly cooked, sourced locally, and at a fair price.

La Margherita, Southampton

Daily Echo: La Margherita, Southampton

2:44pm Wednesday 9th February 2011

STUNNING. That is the only way to describe the experience of dining out at La Margherita.

Bengal Sage, Winchester

Daily Echo: Bengal Sage, Winchester

3:34pm Wednesday 12th January 2011

A warm glow emanates from Bengal Sage set back in a parade of shops in St George’s Street, Winchester.

Passford House Hotel, Lymington

Daily Echo: Passford House Hotel, Lymington

2:56pm Wednesday 5th January 2011

Passford House Hotel comes as something of a surprise. Lymington certainly boasts its fair share of better-known eateries, from small and chic boutique hotels to smart modern bistros, with their ubiquitous wooden floors and huge blackboard menus.

The Holiday Inn Hotel Winchester

Daily Echo: The Holiday Inn Hotel Winchester

12:22pm Wednesday 29th December 2010

WHEN thinking of a restaurant to head to for an evening out, I tend to choose the places I spot when I’m out and about.

Coco Rio: Southampton

Daily Echo: Coco Rio: Southampton

3:00pm Wednesday 15th December 2010

I’VE long been a huge admirer of this unique eatery, which encompasses everything I’ve ever wanted in a restaurant.

Kuti’s of Wickham

Daily Echo: Kuti’s of Wickham

3:27pm Thursday 9th December 2010

THE name of Kuti where curry is concerned in Hampshire is synonymous with great quality and service.

Kuti's Royal Thai Pier

Daily Echo: Kuti's Royal Thai Pier

12:28pm Wednesday 1st December 2010

KUTI’S Royal Thai Pier is one of Southampton’s landmarks.

Ovation, The Mayflower

Daily Echo: Ovation, The Mayflower

3:39pm Wednesday 24th November 2010

The Mayflower is already one of my favourite places on earth – and this year it’s got even better.

Porterhouse, Winchester

Daily Echo: Porterhouse,  Winchester

3:42pm Wednesday 17th November 2010

There’s a magic moment with a good piece of meat. A point when good husbandry meets hot plate mastery and it all marries together in your mouth.

Sri Lankan Cuisine at The Forte Tea Rooms, Winchester

Daily Echo: Kate Larden of Forte Tea Rooms and Tariq Salih, Haleema Salih, Ameera Salih and Shan Salih of Sri Lankan Cuisine.

10:42am Wednesday 10th November 2010

FOR those who think they have tried every cuisine in Winchester, here’s something new and unusual.

The Soprano’s: Southsea

Daily Echo: The Soprano’s: Southsea

3:49pm Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Escaping from an evening of cold English drizzle, it was a real treat to be transported to the warmer climes of the Mediterranean by Southsea Italian restaurant Soprano’s.

Rimjhim - Winchester

Daily Echo: Rimjhim - Winchester

2:38pm Wednesday 13th October 2010

MUCH like Doctor Who’s Tardis, I was taken aback how large this Winchester restaurant was after stepping inside.

The Heath Hotel, Dibden Purlieu

Daily Echo: The Heath Hotel, Dibden Purlieu

11:31am Wednesday 6th October 2010

That’s strange, I thought, as I set foot on the restaurant carpet. The last time I saw a pattern like that was on Mr Motivator’s Lycra body suit.

Boathouse No 7 , Portsmouth

Daily Echo: Boathouse No 7 , Portsmouth

2:41pm Wednesday 29th September 2010

It’s not very often that I can say I have eaten lunch in a 18th century boathouse.

Joe Daflo’s Southampton

Daily Echo: Joe Daflo’s Southampton

11:12am Wednesday 22nd September 2010

WHETHER YOU are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a chance to work off that dessert on the dance floor with the girls, Joe Daflo’s has it all.

Brasserie Blanc, Winchester

Daily Echo: Brasserie Blanc, Winchester

11:48am Wednesday 15th September 2010

I’VE often walked past this attractive looking restaurant in the evening and marvelled at how inviting it all looks from the outside.

Namaste Kerala, Southampton

Daily Echo: Namaste Kerala, Southampton

3:25pm Wednesday 8th September 2010

LOCATED smack in the centre of Southampton, Namaste Kerala could hardly be described as being off the beaten track.

Nashaa, Eastleigh

Daily Echo: Nashaa, Eastleigh

4:18pm Wednesday 25th August 2010

THIS restaurant is just one of a handful of gastronomic treasures that could attract discerning diners from Southampton and Winchester to the streets of Eastleigh.

The Balmoral, Nursling,

Daily Echo: The Balmoral, Nursling,

2:12pm Wednesday 4th August 2010

I’VE BEEN a regular here for some 30 years – and have never been disappointed.

George’s Restaurant, Southampton

Daily Echo: Loucas Christofi and Peter Hannides

2:57pm Wednesday 28th July 2010

WHEN Michael Hannides opened his cafe in 1940, the ambitious young Cyrpiot began work at 5am each morning to serve full English breakfasts for just 4p.

The London Hotel, Southampton

Daily Echo: The London Hotel, Southampton

3:14pm Wednesday 21st July 2010

IT’S located in undoubtedly the trendiest part of Southampton surrounded by numerous fancy restaurants and stylish bars.

Saffron Indian Cuisine, Eastleigh

Daily Echo: Saffron Indian Cuisine, Eastleigh

3:07pm Wednesday 7th July 2010

A GOOD curry is a thing of beauty and people who don’t appreciate that are, in my opinion, unqualified to eat it.

Chowdhury’s Curry Lounge, Shirley

Daily Echo: Chowdhury’s Curry Lounge, Shirley

2:40pm Wednesday 30th June 2010

NEWLY opened at Shirley’s Foyes Corner, Chowdhury’s comes from the family who brought us the hugely successful takeaway of the same name in Swaythling.

Zen Garden Thai Restaurant, Brockenhurst

Daily Echo: Zen Garden Thai Restaurant, Brockenhurst

11:50am Wednesday 23rd June 2010

THE words hidden and gem are too often used in the same sentence.

Rasraj, Southampton

Daily Echo: Rasraj, Southampton

2:33pm Wednesday 16th June 2010

PREVIOUSLY home to The Tiffin Club and The Old Delhi Eatery, there’s been something of a tradition of Indian food at 1 Oxford Street in recent years.

Chilworth Arms, Chilworth

Daily Echo: Squishy padded chairs allow you to settle in for a leisurely lunch

3:09pm Wednesday 9th June 2010

Given an endless amount of Sundays, I would happily work my way around the country taste testing pub Sunday lunches. But as that is not going to happen anytime soon, I thought I would make a start closer to home at the Chilworth Arms.

Porter House, Jewry Street, Winchester

Daily Echo: Porter House, Jewry Street, Winchester

3:26pm Wednesday 2nd June 2010

AFTER popping in for a meal on Saturday evening I was surprised to see how busy Winchester’s newest restaurant was.


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